Chemical skin bleaching is harmful, See   safer and better alternatives

Chemical skin bleaching is harmful, See safer and better alternatives

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It is now known that chemical bleaching can lead to serious skin and health conditions which include: permanent skin bleaching, thinning of skin, uneven colour loss, leading to a blotchy appearance, redness and intense irritation, dark grey spots, skin cancer, acne, increase in appetite and weight gain, osteoporosis, neurological and kidney damage due to high level of mercury used in the creams, psychiatric disorders, asthma, liver damage and severe birth defects in children born to mothers who abuse certain chemicals.

Homemade ways to naturally lighten skin:

  1. Papaya Soap. Using it regularly will lighten your skin. Lather it to your skin for 3 minutes.
  2. Lemon juice and yogurt once a day is excellent mild bleach.
  3. Turmeric: grind up “face turmeric” with olive oil and chickpea flour
  4. Milk: Milk is a natural skin bleacher, pour some Milk into a bowl, grab a towel dip it in the bowl and rub it generously around your face.
    5. Lemon. Cut a lemon into 2 halves. Rub it gently on your face and neck. Wash it after 10-20 minutes. Doing it regularly will cleanse your skin and slowly start lightening it.
  5. Oatmeal and tomato juice. Mix equal parts of oatmeal and tomato juice. Apply this mixture to your skin and allow it to settle for at least half an hour before rinsing it off from your skin thoroughly.

7. Exfoliate. This will get rid of the old tanned cells and make way for new, cells!