Obiano And Politics Of Extreme Hatred

Obiano And Politics Of Extreme Hatred

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Since Ohaneze endorsed the AtikuObi presidency, Gov. Willie Obiano has thrown decency to the dogs, barking at and cursing any figure that resembles Dr. Nnia Nwodo. Bad as such unguided statements could be from a whole number one citizen of a state, the very fact that it is coming from the state governor of the same state with the vice presidential candidate that Ohaneze went all out to endorse, is more than shocking.

Though Obiano is known for the extremely bizarre, he is completely missing the rare opportunity to prove to keen observers that ingratitude doesn’t run deep in his blood. People miss chances to be heroes every now and then because they are blinded by hate and the devil-propelled propensity to destroy.

Many people forgave HE Obiano for all the names he called his predecessor during the last Anambra gubernatorial election because they believed he was fighting for his survival. Even though his predecessor made it clear it was not personal, but rather to halt Obiano’s glaring poor governance style and save himself from further failed promises he led in making to ndi Anambra while campaigning to make Obiano governor, many didn’t mind. Most from Anambra South just wanted Obiano to complete four years and give way, however poorly he managed Anambra affairs.

Having successfully navigated his second term, however he did it, majority of ndi Anambra had expected Obiano to show gratitude for once to a man who made him governor from absolutely nowhere. But the man sourced from obscurity in Houston in the United States has allowed jealousy, hatred and extreme wickedness to dominate him.

He is leading President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign just to stop that same man, Peter Obi from getting to the presidency as HE Atiku Abubakar’s vice.

But ndi Anambra must say no to Obiano in totality this time around. He  squandered huge resources meant for their development to buy second term. More than one year after, Anambra State has not recovered. He is again in line to squander another massive resources to buy votes for Buhari and that may mean no further development in the state for the remainder of his second term. Ndi Anambra, stand up and say no to Obiano this time around. Peter Obi is your son, a very good one at that and the development he will attract to Anambra will far outweigh whatever Obiano would manage in his remaining days in office.