Is Nigeria disintegrating politically and Economically? Part 1

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By Chris Odinaka Nwedo

  Hypocrisy, disloyalty, falsehood, deceit and moral relativism are increasingly becoming part and parcel of official interpretation of politics and democracy in Nigeria. The functions of the opposition political party groups as checks on the party in power for productive politics and quality national development have become perverted. Opposition parties do their checks in opposite direction telling lies and maliciously misrepresenting facts. The opposition in general terms is uncoordinated and puerile.

  The political absolutism and unruliness among the elites are progressively suffocating measurable strides of Nigerian state to a long-term socio-political stability and sustainable economic development. In fact, an affirmative political culture seems increasingly impossible in Nigeria today because of a progressive acceptance of rebellious attitudes of our national political elites that are steadily sending bewildering ripples down the lines. Hypocrisy, disloyalty, falsehood, deceit and moral relativism are increasingly becoming part and parcel of official interpretation of politics and democracy in Nigeria. The functions of the opposition political party groups as checks on the party in power for productive politics and quality national development have become perverted. Opposition parties do their checks in opposite direction telling lies and maliciously misrepresenting facts. The opposition in general terms is uncoordinated and puerile.

The situations are deplorably bad and have colossal negative impacts on the nation. Consequently, Nigeria is ravaged by corruption, insecurity and intolerable poverty. The party in power has scandalously demonstrated that it has nothing in stock as remedy to the catastrophically deteriorating situation, and it has continued to carry on, having fixed another endorsement. The conducts of the officials of the government are confirming that the inefficient government is never under any pressure to change tactics. The nation is on a slop racing down devoid of control. Ironically, the government that offered nothing to positive governance, no record of rectitude, clannish and inefficient repeatedly boasted that it has no challenge. This proposition was proved by the fact that the government is having its way in every situation. A government with the lowest approval rating in the history of governance in Nigeria has continued to ‘win’ election with landslide. It is having its will imposed on Nigerians voluntarily or otherwise. All Progress Congress, (APC) brags about ruling Nigeria like a conquered territory because neither the uncoordinated opposition parties nor the increasingly vulnerable Nigerians have thought about mass action against the unprincipled politicians that ceased Nigeria. The frightening prospects of bleak future make some Nigerians feel they no longer have a country. Nigerians are becoming more desperate and angrier, but paradoxically, not strong-minded enough to confront the ordinary folks that are enslaving them, and are willing to leave no stone unturned to ensure that Nigeria is ruin for the sake of their sordid egos.

Nigerians are today cowed at home and despised and oppressed overseas and seemed to have no clue for cooperate effort to tear the ramparts of degradations at home. It beats imagination that Nigerians can be so humiliated at home by bunches of ungraceful dim-witted elites. This is intensely an embarrassing situation. It is ironical that Nigerians complain resentfully about Nigeria’s scandalously bad leadership, ravaging corruption, political rascality, and mismanagement of the resources yet they appeared to have no decisive action to take. Most discussions about Nigeria are heavily concentrated on the progressively deteriorating governance, chastising insecurity, exasperating economic and social situations but none of the discussions has translated to active decision to reverse the deplorable situation. This is contemptible.

Nigerians lament the plights of badly stained leadership, dishonourable politicians and treacherous religious elites but relent distinct actions on getting the ‘bullies’ out of the way. It is not controvertible that Nigerians display the characters of indomitability outside the shores. They are shrewd, hard to beat and they make waves positively and\or negatively everywhere they are, but, regrettably canon folders at home for their embarrassingly and dim-witted elites. Nigerians fell continually and inexpensively into the frolics of their traitorous despots. More exasperating is also the fact that they even go every length defending those who demean them.

At the end of every election, politicians who failed to win have always outmanoeuvred them and use them as proxies for hurtful fight against political enemies. An average Nigerian politician remembers the home base when the going gets tough, he uses imprudent rhetoric and relies on ethno-religious emotions to galvanise the gullible and the stupid to do the political battles. The masses of volunteer political machineries are ruined yearly before and elections without consequences. Most cities in the north are actively divided according to incompatible ethnic and religious lines. This trend may continue as long as an extensive number of Nigerian masses remain pliable to the malevolent tricks of inconsiderate politicians and religious elite collaborators.

It is regrettable that the vicious tirades that led to massive political violence that almost disintegrated Nigeria are yet to be toned-down. It is not polemical to declare that Divine interventions saved Nigeria from eclipsing in 2015. Nobody can predict with certitude that we have become free of 2019 elections because the politicians that were out-witted have not thrown-in the towel yet. Many of the politicians who were conspired against and contemptibly out-rigged are fuming with anger, and will never concede defeat until they discharge the tension on the society through chaotic protests that habitually end in preposterous heavy violence.

It is in the name of politics and democracy that Nigerians are killed, maimed, displaced from their homes and sheltered in ignoble refugee camps and finally forgotten. It was all over the media in April 2019 that children in Internally Displaced Persons, IDP, camp in Bauchi were forced to feed on onion leaves for survival due to intense hunger as a result of lack of food. According to the news, “reporters who visited the camp, located about two km from Rindebin community in Bauchi Local Government Area, noted that the children, between the ages of three and five, looked pitiful as they consume the leaves. Meanwhile, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, lamented the pathetic situation in IDP camps in Bauchi and several others across the nation, saying that they show the level the ugly state the Nigerian human life has been degraded to”.2 It was noted that “some of the parents of the children interviewed said there were not enough food, as such, they had to ‘improvise’ ways of tackling hunger. They said they believed onion leaves were nutritious and would also protect their children from hunger and diseases… “. 3

 Remember that these abandoned and malnourished Nigerians in the IDPs are some of the direct victims of proxy political battles among the politicians. The IDP camps that dotted some states of Nigeria are some of the discernible negative implications of clinging to power with selfish love by the politicians and their collaborators. The politicians labour for their own advantages. Many of them are reprehensibly covetous and masochistic. They use and discard the gullible masses like badly stained and turn dross. This is the reason why with trillions of dollars from oil, stupendously rich agricultural resources, mining potentials and exceptional human resources Nigeria is incapable of reinventing herself.

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Decaying infrastructure, Roads are death traps

It is bad leadership that holds Nigeria on the ground to suffocate her pitilessly. True leadership or right leadership is a prerequisite for a nation to make progress. This also takes a nation to the top. Nigeria has no true leaders, she has no right elites but she has hundreds of exceedingly paid political office holders. These national officers are deeply corrupt and use expropriated national wealth, and positions to protect and defend themselves while they repress the impoverished masses. We have governors who behave like Emperors. They are wild and defiant as they conspire for political survival. The governors hunt power and political relecance perilously. Many of the governors are ready and willing to do anything for love of power. It is on account of the treacherous ways political power are contested in Nigeria that made a vast majority of Nigerians to assume and define politics as ‘a brutal dirty game’. As far as these Nigerians are concerned, ‘politics’ is a treacherous game of calumny and incrimination of rivalries, a game of mendacity and deadly manoeuvre.

The unscrupulous politicians use illegimitate power and influence to oppress and pillory divergent political or ideological expressions. And when out of power they are unrestrained as they desperately clutch on any weed like a drowning man to come afloat again. The happenings in the nation’s political party groups show graphically that Nigeria is degrading politically as a nation. The situation has overwhelming negative impact on the economy while the masses are bearing the preponderant burdens of the imprudence.

The intra-party hostilities and factions, the inter-party re-criminalisation, the invectives, the negative ethnic emotional contents of the national politics, the desperation to take over, the subjectivity of morals, the false propaganda, the mischievous politicisation of critical national questions collectively lead to a distinctive conclusion that Nigeria is surreptitiously railed to a slaughter ditch in the name of democratic party politics.

The characters of Nigerian political parties at all the tiers are not only puerile but also perilous to sane political comportment. Opposition political groups are becoming purely tactless stone-throwers and intensely subversive. The situation is expressive of the fact that there are no true or effective political party systems in Nigeria. Today what we have as parties are mere platforms for accessing elective political positions and they are most bankrolled and manipulated by the moneybags. These makeshift platforms also provide medium for plethora of folks yelling perpetually to avoid imminent political extinction. These are discordant voices of groups of self-seeking politicians laboring for phantom political gains. These folks are, descriptively, active for their own selfish interest and have nothing articulate about what to do with the power if given.

There is this impulse to contrast Nigerians’ permissive silence and timidity to misrule and inexcusable political rascality to an on going situation in Sudan where women “protesters became symbols of freedom, strength, and solidarity in a country that has been suffering from a state of turmoil, oppression, and instability for decades under al-Bashir’s rule”. The women became the face of a revolution that liberated Sudan from impulsive and oppressive rule of one man. The protests that dethroned Omar were triggered ironically by rise in price of bread. As the protests became intense and proliferated Civil Society Organizations and opposition political parties “signed on, giving the movement more organization and capacity. There was a united vision and a united movement to end” a repressive regime that brought incalculable hardship to the Sudanese. But Nigerians are not only intensely combating high prices of bread but prohibitive cost of living life. For years now, value of life has depreciated substantially in Nigeria. Unlike most Nigerians, Sudanese understood that the powers to engender productive government were in their hands. They were less expectant that heavens are going to change their country for good if they are unwilling to make the efforts. Bruised, battered and terrified, they were prepared and willing to commence processes leading to social, political and economic changes in Sudan. Nigeria’s despots are confident of perennial victory over the folks and they are unstoppable because the masses are divided, Civil Society Organizations are partisan, while Opposition parties are factionalized deficient of formidability and credibility.

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