The Corrupt ‘Fighting’ corruption deceitfully

The Corrupt ‘Fighting’ corruption deceitfully

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Chris Odinaka Nwedo

 The assumption that no Nigerian politician is objectively free from corruption is increasingly less polemical in view of intense negative impact of the policies and programmes of successive governments at all tiers of the polity. Unfortunately, the more  the politicians proclaim the deepening of democratization, justice, equity, objectivity and productivity in governance, the more oppression, repression and dictatorship are diffused and the masses pillories devoid of compassion. The more they promise justice and equity in service delivery the more they display flagrant injustice and provocative partiality. The more they preach objectivity and productivity they more they form oppressive coalitions and manifest scandalous incompetence. The more they say and vow to belong to all, the more preferential or discriminatory they are in national appointments and redistributions of the common wealth.

The duplicity, the falsehood and unmasked deceptions have team-up to reverse in negative terms the great fortunes of Nigeria. Today Nigeria is a laughing stock ravaged by insecurity, intense poverty and leadership devoid of discretion. The Nigeria’s youths, the solid prospects of prosperous tomorrow have been scattered in dismay desperate to hold on anything for survival. Thousands ‘voluntarily’ buried themselves in the Deserts, Mediterranean Sea or became feeds for wild animals and fishes as they leave in droves in search of greener pastures. Many that survived the profoundly risky journey landed comfortably into the hands of those who perceive them as cadavers. Consequently, they are slaughtered with crude knives for their body parts. The most painful of all is that some unscrupulous Nigerians have turned against the innocent and the vulnerable, waylaying, kidnapping and slaughtering them for wealth and power related rituals. Today, the popular assumption is that Nigerian leaders ransomed the masses to criminals of sorts. The basic reason for this anarchy is that there is absolutely no security in Nigeria. However, the nagging question is if Nigeria is ravaged this way when we are told that the leader is tested, trusted and incorruptible what happens when someone without these Divine virtues comes to lead?

The politicians said Buhari was tested, trusted and incorruptible, now, it is brazenly obvious to all that the nation was hoodwinked into accepting the testimonies of chronic liars, the politicians. Now, it is no more controvertible that Buhari is extremely corrupt and outrageously inefficient. Buhari is a leader of All Progressive Congress, APC many Nigerians said “has metamorphosed from a political party to a nest of corrupt politicians”.1 This “nest of corrupt politicians” has driven millions of Nigerians deeper into poverty since 2015, when it took over ruling of the country, and spent trillions of naira procuring hunger, darkness and insecurity…President Buhari and his APC are criminal enablers and harborers of looters of our collective patrimony.2  “Buhari’s Hall Of Shame” is a scorecard of failure, incompetence, nepotism and his proclivity to harbouring indicted and other famed thieves of our patrimony.3

As the nation is deteriorating and foul-smelling while Nigeria’s young men and women are incensed with fury at the prospects of dying future, the politicians are restful, congratulating, sharing and compensating themselves with juicy appointments, positions in government and billions of dollars from the sales of national wealth. At least one of the touching cases in point is a widely publicized testimony of Ambassador Mohammed Dauda, a former acting Director General of the National Intelligence Agency. “Dauda, in a sworn testimony to the House of Representatives Committee on National Security and Intelligence, revealed that President Buhari’s kitchen cabinet comprising Abba Kyari and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babagana Kingibe, had pressured him to share the $44 million found in Ikoyi mansion. After giving his sworn evidence, Ambassador Dauda was dismissed and has now gone underground. This is President Buhari’s style of fighting corruption”. 4

We have arrived at an understanding that the only plausible way of struggling out of the miasma of treacherous politicians, unscrupulous leadership and destructive policies and programmes of the nation’s elites is conscientiousness. It is self-destructive for the oppressed Nigerians to remain endlessly passive and wishing and praying that the depraved folks at the corridors of power will adapt to the scruples of integrity, honesty and service. Orchestrating a vigorous fight against corruption and unproductive governance are at the moment unchallengeable urgent obligations specifically for those outside corridors of power and influence, the Nigerian people. Nigerians have very critical tasks and needed to wake up smartly to take back the country from the present assailants. Nigerian nation will continue to fail and unfit for purposes until those endangered by the disorder get up with active determinations to confront decisively the depravities of the nation’s treacherous rulers and conspiring elites.

It is the deliberate misdemeanors of the conspirators that forced a perception of Nigeria as a worst place to be in a global chart. The rulers and the accomplices are threatening and destabilizing all the supporting structures of the great nation. There is need to challenge and halt the indiscretions. It is a responsibility of the well-meaning Nigerians to contribute and make the contemptible brands of national politics non stress-free, unattractive and injurious. It is baffling to imagine how Nigerians, as smart as they are, were taken for granted and utterly messed by those they entrusted with the responsibilities of governance.



In my understanding, if corruption and deceitfulness in our polity are restricted to the vices or depravities of those in corridors of power we may have collectively weakened the potency of the irritating disorder. It seems Nigerians are part of the problem and are comfortable with the infestations of debauched political folks and the chronic mal-governance. This may explain the bizarre idolization of the mischievous politicians and degenerate elites in their local communities. Many of these communities are pitiably and deliberately blindfolded from the crimes of their evil folks because of vain ethno-related emotions. Again, there is this sentiment of greatness among ‘ordinary’ citizens when they corruptly pay their ways through to get services or attention that are constitutionally their entitlements.

It is disappointing that in this time in history that Nigerian nation is still overwhelmed by her most elementary needs such as responsible leadership, patriotic citizens, active followership, national integration and basic security. We have demonstrated efficaciously our inability to resolve these suffocating national issues thanks to depraving ethnic, regional and religious sentimentalities. We have become reconditioned to these destructive primordial prejudices that issues of national morality are treated without objectivity. For an average Nigerian, rich or poor, ignorant or educated, mine is the best. We have become so misled to our own harm that we see nothing good in the other. We embrace without thinking whatever the egocentric national elite classes throw at us. The political upper-classes, particularly, at every election season polarize and sow seeds of disparities among us, and like ‘programmed entities’ we strive to impress them by suddenly discovering our artificial differences and begin to despise one another.

It is unforgivable that the contemporary Nigerians are susceptible to all sorts of exploitation. It is astonishing too that most of us do not fail any trap of betrayal by the deceitful and outrageous politicians. Nothing is as irregular as Nigerians closing their eyes to misbehaviours of the politicians even as these are deeply damaging to the polity. It is difficult to find virtuous rationality in the meaningless indifference that permits indiscriminate and idiotic destruction of our society by the few wicked citizens.

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