The people you do not need in your life if you want to succeed

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In order to be successful in life, there are people you must learn to avoid:

1. Anyone who does not identify with you during tough times: they are fair weather friends and has nothing good to offer you, they can only relate with you when they feel the need to get something from you.

2. An acquaintance to those that hate you: anyone who claim to love you and he or she is a close friend to those that hate you is not a friend

3. Anyone that is not happy with your progress :whenever you attempt to share a positive news with them, they tends to counteract it with a negative word.

4. Anyone that is controlled by his wife : such person is weak and can not be taken serious, any decision he takes outside his wife will always bounce back because he has become a toy to the woman.

5. Anyone that cannot defend you when people speak ill of you: the fact that the person cannot stand in the gap for you means that he or she has something to contribute negatively to further aggravate the matter.

6. Anyone that is desperate for position : they are power mongers, if eventually you get in their way by receiving a particular position that they have eye on, they can take your life out of jealousy.

7.Promise breakers :there is no point being friends with people who you cannot hold by their words, they are deceitful and will always leave you at the alter of disappointment.
8. Anyone that is unwilling to learn : they are perfectionist, they will always tamper with your person, because they don’t value other people’s opinion ; always self centered.