(Video)Abba Kyari: Mystery Behind Death and How the Government lied to Nigerians…

(Video)Abba Kyari: Mystery Behind Death and How the Government lied to Nigerians…

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According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, Abba Kyari tested positive to covid 19 on the 24/03/2020, alongside the Gov of Bauchi state. It was categorically stated that both cases had travel histories with Germany & the UK. After the Gov of Bauchi state Bala Mohammed gave update on his covid 19 status, his self isolation, and possible treatment. Nigerians became apprehensive over Abba Kyari’s status and the overwhelming silence from the presidency. Speculation started flying everywhere about Abba Kyari. Why some claimed he was dead, others claimed the CoS was too sick. Rumors over a missing ventilator at the National Hospital, that was taken to AsoRock for Abba Kyari was also flying around. But on the 29th of March 2020, the CoS broke his silence, and issued a statement.

He said “I hope to be back at my desk soon” on the statement, he spoke about his covid 19 status, that he is positive, but on self isolation without any symptoms. That he is working from home, but based on doctors advice, he will be transferred to Lagos for further testing. After 3 days of promising to be transfered to Lagos from Abuja for further testing and treatment, Nigerians again inquired about the CoS. Because he had promised to personally pay his medical bills in Lagos. Nigerians were curious to know which medical facility Abba Kyari is in. Because based on NCDC guidelines, private hospitals or unaccredited govt hospitals, can not attend to covid 19 cases. The Minister of Health claimed ignorance, on the where about of the CoS. Even the Commissioner Of health in Lagos State, denied his presence in the state.

That gave rise to further speculations. But from a reliable source, I got reliable information that the CoS was too sick, his condition was so critical, he was flown on a Air ambulance abroad to London. And was admitted in the ICU of Wellington Hospital, St. John’s Wood, London. Same day this rumored document of his possible sack, and replacement was released. Abba Kyari was never transferred to Lagos, he wasn’t admitted in any hospital in Lagos, rather he was taken to London in an Air ambulance. When the Federal government had restricted international flights through, and from Nigeria. with all airports closed to international flights.

Based on his medical history from Wellington Hospital, he was battling severe asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. His condition became complicated, and he died in the early hours of Thursday 2nd of April 2020 at the Wellington hospital in London. Information about his death trickled in. But the government did everything to hide it from the press. Kemi Olunloyo was the first to break the news on twitter. She tweeted indirectly about Abba Kyari’s death, that same day, 2nd of April 2020. Based on NHS standard policy in the UK over covid 19 bodies, his body was retrieved and cremated (BURNT TO ASHES). After series of failed diplomatic agreements, on returning his body to Nigeria for burial. AsoRock cabals found themselves in between the devil, and the deep blue sea.

How, and when will they break the news of Abba’s death. How will they convince Nigerians that he died in Lagos, what hospital in Lagos, should they mention? Because journalists and media houses all over Lagos and Nigeria, have been on the lookout for Abba Kyari. They decided to use Abba Kyari’s death, to clean some negative records about this govt, before announcing his demise to Nigerians. They went for the TREASURY HOUSE. Accountant generals office with unknown fire. Anything that is missing, will be tied to Abba Kyari in future.

The cabals went for the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) Headquarters. Surprise fire. Just to conceal evidence of company owners in govt who had shoddy dealings in the govt. Records burnt without traces. Any investigation in future, will be tied to Abba Kyari. They went for (INEC). Another surprised fire at it’s headquarters in Abuja. Records about Election riggings burnt without traces. Any investigation in future, will be tied to Abba Kyari. A dead man got no case, in the court of law to answer. Abba Kyari died on the 2nd of April 2020, the cabals used six days to arch their plans, used just 10 days to execute all. Before announcing his death. 3 fires at 3 major government Agency buildings, in the heart of Abuja, when the city is on lockdown. From 8-17 April.

The govt through it’s spokesman, Garba Shehu Announced the death of Abba Kyari on the 18th of April 2020. that he died on the 17th of April, without mentioning where he died. But we all remembered Bashir Ahmad to have claimed that Abba Kyari is in Lagos resting, on the 3/4/2020. Being a daft and clueless govt, they forgot to block all their tracks. NCDC and the commissioner of health in Lagos State, announced and published the number of covid 19 deaths in Lagos on the 17th of April and their travel history. Which Abba Kyari doesn’t fit in. The Govt decides to conduct a Charade for a burial, because of politics and cover ups. Hereby exposing innocent Nigerians to covid 19, through human to human transfer, why the corpse for burial was totally free of the virus. Because the corpse wasn’t Abba Kyari, he was cremated (burnt to ashes) in UK.

If you doubt this postulations, why will an NCDC official remove his PPE without gloves, having been exposed to a covid 19 corpse. When he knows how deadly the virus is? Why will an NCDC official abandon his PPE by the roadside despite the level of training he had received. An afterthought by FG, over widespread denial of Abba Kyari’s place of death. The FG now arm twisted the Lagos State govt through the commissioner of health, to announce a nonexistent hospital in Lagos after several hours of a staged managed funeral. But the hospital denied it.

The Lagos State government has said the late chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, died at First Cardiology Consultantsa private hospital located in Ikoyi. The previous words of the Lagos State commissioner of health. However, the Commissioner for Health in Lagos State, Prof. Akin Abayomi, had said on Tuesday that he did not know Kyari’s location thereby sparking reports that the President’s aide was not in any isolation centre. It is up to Nigerians to see the truth.

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