COVID-19: Nigerians must Seeks forgiveness from Our Lord – NASFAT kaduna

COVID-19: Nigerians must Seeks forgiveness from Our Lord – NASFAT kaduna

By Achadu Gabriel, kaduna

NAstrul -Lahi -L- Fatih Society, NASFAT, has called on Nigerians and the world at large to turn to their creator for forgiveness, saying it’s the only surest way to finding solutions to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In their friday Jummat Kutuba, sermon, titled: “Seeking Forgivebess from God” delivered by a members of NASFAT Kaduna Mission Board, under the leadership of lmam Marooph Raji, Ustadh Abdur- rasaq Dhul-Qarnain, he said in his sermon that, “It’s high time every human being turned onto God for forgiveness.

“The calamity the whole world is experiencing today”, he said “is as a result of our sins and not until we turn to our creator for forgiveness, all is not going to be well. “It is the wrath of God that has befallen the world that we now face all manners of unrest using the Covid -19 pandemic as an example. God, he said is ever ready to forgive His servants whenever they turned onto Him for forgiveness. “Not only would He forgive them but also ease their problems.

He however warned that repentance must be done in all honesty and with the intention of not going back to committing same sins again.

“God knows what is concealed in everyone’s heart. He stated. Lamenting over series of atrocities being committed on daily basis without fear of the day of reckoning, when one would be made to account for his/her deeds; citing the killings, banditary, rape and all manners of atrocities being committed by individuals which has now become the order of the day. Ustadh Dhul- Qarnain said, “not until we seek forgiveness from Allah can man experience peace”.

Still on Covid -19, Ustadh Abdur-rasaq appealed to all the worshippers and evey Nigerian to comply with the federal and state government’s guidelines on Covid -19 as it is for the safety of the generality. The social distancing, regular washing of hands, use of sanitizers and wearing of face masks must be taken seriously. He stressed.

With the efforts of the instituted NASFAT Covid -19 Compliance Implementation Committee headed by NASFAT Zonal Vice Chairman, Alhaji Kazeem Adesanya and other sub-committees like health supervised by Dr. Musa Danjuma and all other committees on ground, the Jumat prayer recorded a success. “It was a service devoid of rancor with every worshipper guided and made to comply with stipulated Kaduna state and NASFAT headquarter’s guidelines.

Earlier, the Branch Chairman, Engr. Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf, assured a continious enforcement of all the guidelines. “it is a clarion call he said and the society is doing all within its reach to see to the welfare of not only its members but other neighbors who join in performing the friday prayers”, he stated. End

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