Nigerian Female Expert reveals why rape case is increasing

Nigerian Female Expert reveals why rape case is increasing

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna Nigeria

An international interfaith specialist, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, has attributed the rise in cases of rapes in the society amidst corona-virus pendemic to the influence of watching pornography firms through android phone and other sexual movies among youth residing in the major cities.

Mrs Tijani Madel the statement while briefing journalist on the impact of lockdown amidst corona-virus, saying it contributed to domestic violence among married couple and equally affect the little children at home.

He stressed that the lockdown has reduced the spread of the virus but many women and children were equally harmed as a result clashes by couple.

Ramatu said, Majority of the youth residing in the cities own android phone in accessing various site of watching pornographic to be satisfied.

“Many youth spend half of their money with the sole aims of buying Data to Watch pornography through their android phone while some youth buys the movies at market in an open place.

“Gang rape is not the culture of our youth, but our youth are watching and learning this through their Android phone at various porno-website,while some buys the movies in an open market place”

According to her, such attititute has contributed in forcing youth taking advantage of their close relations at home ,while some attack their neighbours through the kinds of porno-films they watch.

She noted that lack of education and open dialogue with parents is one of the main reasons why young people are using pornography to educate themselves about sex.

The Interfaith specialist said easy access to internet and addiction to pornography is desensitising people to sexual crimes which need to be addressed.
Ramatu Tijani who is also a peace ambassador pointed out that , the internet is not a safe place for “our children to be roaming around from morning to evening ,because Pornography and predators seem to be lurking everywhere, just waiting to hook your child into their schemes of practicing what he learnt from the moving from his neighbor.

She added that , It is becoming increasingly important for parents to know the facts about their teenagers time spent online, as well as how to approach this topic with them.

Ramatu who is a specialist in conflict prevention added that ,some youth in cultism are also taking advantage of the little childrens.
She therefore called on parents and guardians to be always monitoring the movement of their daughters.
While calling for tougher punishment for rapist, she equally advices state and federal government to used holy books in punishing rapist.

She called on media to always support the fight against rape in their daily news and programs..“we must join hands to protect our childrens against bad people”
She appealed to all women organization to rise up and keep campaigning against rape in holy places,markets,schools, stadion, visiting traditional titled holders, among others.

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