Italian police found cocaine hidden in coffee beans

Italian police found cocaine hidden in coffee beans

Police in Italy have intercepted a package containing hundreds of coffee beans that were hiding illegal drugs inside them. Around 500 beans had been cut open, stuffed with cocaine, and carefully taped closed again with dark brown tape. While the method of transportation appears to have been carefully thought out, the name on the package may have given the smugglers away.

Police said suspicions were initially raised when they saw the name “Santino D’Antonio” on the packets — a mafia boss in the American action film John Wick.

Police cut open the beans to find the drugsFINANCE POLICE HANDOUT
The cocaine is revealed inside the beanFINANCE POLICE HANDOUT
500 beans were stuffed with the drugsFINANCE POLICE HANDOUT

Police intercepted the beans after they had been sent from Medellin in Colombia to Milan’s Malpensa airport. The 2kg package contained 150g of cocaine powder. It was addressed to a tobacco shop in Florence — police followed the package as it was delivered and arrested a 50-year-old man who came to collect it.

Police show where the cocaine is hiddenFINANCE POLICE HANDOUT

Italian police named their operation “Caffe’ Scorretto” – Improper Coffee – a play on the name of a drink in the country called ‘”caffe’ corretto” – corrected coffee – which is an espresso with a splash of sambuca. (Euronews)

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