Corruption: Katsina in the eyes of the storm

Corruption: Katsina in the eyes of the storm

..As Business mugul writes EFCC over billions spent on security, others
..Vows to continue exposing them
..Question Buhari’s insincerity in Anti-Corruption fighting

By Achadu Gabriel

Katsina born billionaire business mugul and chairman Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Dialogue Group limited, kaduna, popularly known as Mallam Mahdi Shehu, has exploded, saying that katsina state Governor and his cabinet should resigned with all the appointees from office.

The fearless Mallam Mahdi Shehu also said that Buhari’s sincerity does not translated to acheivement in corruption fighting as expected, sighting example of Magu, the former economic and financial crimes commission, EFCC, boss.

He made the revelations in an interview with our correspondent in his office in kaduna state.
Mahdi also sweared that he’ll never seek elective office in his life, begging God to take his life immediately anytime his mind contemplated doing so.

He said he has written many petition and submitted to EFCC on katsina including the illegal donation of N500 million to All Progressive Congress, APC, Secretariat in May 2018, by katsina state government for the purpose of national convention, through the office of the then Special Adviser political, adding that it breaches the state appropriation law.
He gave reference no. as S/GO//BD/CAP/FA/9/VOL.111/325, dated 29th May 2018.

Mahdi also decried the amount if monies spent between June 2015 to December 2018, 2019 and April 2020, in the name of security expenditure.
He said even though the katsina Secretary to state government, SSG, is denying the amount, the money withdrew increased astronomically from over N248billion to over N52 billion within the period under review, calling on the EFCC to also investigate the expenditure.

Mahdi believed that governance is all about contribution towards the growth and development of people in the society, stressing as individual, he has the cheapest hospital, ICT centre, business school, pharmacy among others, and has employees of over 100 people.

“Show me a better contribution than that. I drive myself even from kaduna to Lagos alone without a drive. I’ve never had a driver in my life. Can any governor do that. So I’ve more peace than them. So what I’m looking for. A suicidal brands of politics with chains of dashed hope, broken promises and havest of death. I prefer to die than to go into politics”, he restated.
On reasons for his outburst, Mahdi said to savage his people in katsina state and Nigeria in general, pointing out that God will not forgive him for having such information and keeping it to himself.
“Iam well a informed citizen Nigeria. I know my responsibility and duties, my civic and civil constitutional and moral obligation. A responsibilities well spelt out and very well known me”, he stated.
Mahdi also said that the only thing he feared is having and information and concealed it, especially information of fraud, deceit, deception, misappropriation and misused of public funds.
“If you have privilege, verifiable information and keep quiet it means that you are in agreement. You conscent or conform to concealing the falsehood. On the last day God will judge you and I don’t want to judge on that day. I want be humanly responsible before God. I don’t fear anybody. It’s people of nowadays that don’t challenge government. I’m not one of them. I’ve pass the age of dancing to a screpts.

“In fact, I’ve been challenging katsina state government as a whole in the name of God to take me to court on all issues I’ve raised. And until we meet in court I’ll allow public opinion, the katsina state public, the government to judge me based on my utterances and the defense been given, even though very weak, according to the state government.

On account of my information given to the people in the state, “I’ve learnt that on July 15th 2020, katsina state government begins to call the retirees for their gratuity totalling N12 billions which they have not paid for the past two years. They’ve began to screen them. Even if they stop there, I feel contented that I’ve done what I suppose to have done to savage people from hunger, starvation, deception by government. Moreso that I am not going to stop there, i am going extra length, miles and with speed to expose and bring out inequities, inequalities and irresponsibilities in governance”, Mahdi vowed.

On why can’t he go into politics and savage his people and Nigeria, the way Buhari rode into power based on his sincerity and decency people knows him for, Mahdi rearlist said that insdentally, personal and practical sincerity are not the same, saying the sincerity of Muhammadu Buhari did not translated to acheivement in fighting corruption sighting former EFCC boss, Magu.

Indeed, on whether the power that be, especially presidency is behind his critical disposition on katsina, he responded that, “I’m alone on this course. I’ve never seen Buhari, spoke or communicated to him in anyway or anybody close to him since he became president, therefore anybody thinking that Buhari knows it, the person don’t know who is Buhari. Even issues relating to national, Buhari has kept quiet, takless of issues relating to state”, he said. End. Good luck.

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