Sharia Court rules on ASD daughter’s Marriage with Abubakar

.. Say’s’ it stands dissolved

By Achadu Gabriel

Kaduna- The marriage between Abubakar Musa Abubakar and the Nasiba Sani Dauda, ASD, stands dissolved, the judgment of Sharia court Tudun wada, Kaduna subsists and valid.

The matter was earlier filed before Area Court Gudu FCT, Abuja, by Abubakar Musa, seeking the court to compel Nasiba to return to his matrimonial home.

The matter in which the plaintiff relied upon to lay a complaint before the police, was quashed and dismissed by High Court of the FCT on 17 July, 2020, via an application for judicial review on the ground that the case was filed during the lifetime of a similar matter before Sharia Court of Appeal, Kaduna.

The court held that therefore the Area court, Gudu FCT, Abuja lacks the competence and the requisite jurisdiction to determine the case.
The matter at Area court Gudu, FCT, Abuja was dismissed as it constitutes abuse of court process.
Consequently, until the contrary is pronouced by the court, there is no subsisting marriage between Abubakar Musa Abubakar and Nasiba Sani Dauda.
“Equally, the marriage between Nasiba Sani Dauda and Abdullahi Kaloma still remains competent and valid in law”, the judgement stated. End

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