Nigeria: SOKAPU Calls on Govts, International Community to Ameliorate Suffering of Attack Victims

Nigeria: SOKAPU Calls on Govts, International Community to Ameliorate Suffering of Attack Victims

By Bomba Dauda

Southern Kaduna People’s Union, SOKAPU, is calling on the federal government and the Kaduna state government to do the right things and stop the propaganda against their people.

In a press statement signed by the Public Relation Officer of SOKAPU, Luka Binniyat, the group made a frantic call, saying, government should ameliorate the suffering of the people being affected by the nefarious activities of herdsmen attacks.They further beckons on the International Community and all men and women of conscience to intervene in the suffering of the victims of the incessant attacks.“The International Community and all men and women of conscience should also intervene in the suffering of our people who are under progrom that the state seems to be doing very little to stop.”While counting their losses,  SOKAPU revealed that, the grieving Fanstwam natives of Zipkak, a semi-urban town  in Fanstwam Chiefdom, Jemaa LGA in Southern Kaduna, were once again forced to flee for dear lives after armed Fulani militia sprank from nearby bushes and started shooting.

Fortunately, the youths of the community resisted the invaders and they fled back without any harm to the distraught natives who were grieving  the killing of 10 members of the town  slained the previous evening. Adding, The militia had crept into the town around on 7pm, yesterday, Friday, 24th July, 2020 and rained bullets on the peaceful  community. Thought Zikpak is just about two kilometers from the heart of Kafanchan where there are presence of some soldiers, the violent group had a field day.After looting and vandalising the town, they burnt part of it and gruesomely murdered the following:Joel Cephas, 5 yrs; Kingsley Raphael, 28; Katung kantiock 60; Luka Garba 75; Victor Ishaya 22; Madam Dakaci 52; Kuyet Yayock 25; Cecelia Audu 65; Matina Dauda 70; and Yanasan Dauda 70.The following were fatally wounded: Mrs Jonathan Ishaya; Marthins Agang; Kassan Duniya; Jenifer Nicodemus and 5 years old Joel Cephas.

The Governor of Kaduna state immediately imposed a 24 hour curfew over the entire Jema’a LGA. It was under the curfew that the Fulani militia returned to wreck more havoc until the valiant youths of the community, with very crude weapons, repelled the cowards.Also, as  it rained  around 8pm,  Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at Agwala Magayaki of Doka Avong,  Kajuru LGA in Southern Kaduna, armed Fulani militia took advantage of the darkness and torrential rain and attacked the village for the second time in a month, leaving 6 persons dead and two fatally wounded.

Those killed in Kajuru  are: John Mallam, 80; Albarka Mallam, 85 and Jumare Sule, 76.The rest are: Hannatu Garba, 55; Thaddeus Albarka, 32;Luvinus Danmori, 52 and Daniel Mukadas,70.The fatally injured are Danmori Sule and Alheri Mandela. It could be recalled that on the 20th June, 2020, the same village was invaded by the Fulani militia, some known by the villagers, and 7 persons were killed.On the 22nd, July 2020, as it rained on  Kizachi-Chawai, a far remote village bounded by hills, in Chawai chiefdom, Kauru LGA in Southern Kaduna, Fulani militia broke into homes, and attacked villagers with knives, daggers and matchetes. 

The following people were killed: Kefas Monday, 17yrs; Lydia Monday,14yrs; Jummai,  9yrs; Giwa Thomas,14yrs;  Living Yohanna,  27yrs; Monday Ibrahim,45 and Alheri Dauda,13, were seriously injured.These brings to a total of 23 armless, harmless Southern Kaduna natives killed by Fulani in the past 72 hours.This is apart from over 40 murdered victims of Fulani militia in Kaura and Zangon Kataf less than a week earlier. These and several others have created a humanitarian crisis in Chikun, Zangon Kataf, Kaura and Kajuru LGAs  as thousands of IDPs can barely survive hunger, sickness and various trauma.It is therefore totally untrue that the mass murder of our people is an outcome of clashes between criminal gangs as portrayed by President Mohammed Buhari, through his Spokesman, Shehu Garba. 

Our victims are not members of criminal gangs, but mostly kids, women and the aged. The so-called formidable security arrangement he claimed to be in place in Southern Kaduna is it at best, a ruse and a mirage, going by increasing casualties and the impunity of the Fulani armed men.We under a genocidal campaign by Fulani militia who have become sacred cows with President Buhari and Governor Nasir el-Rufai, both Fulani, twisting the truth to say the Fulani are on “reprisals.”

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