Nigeria: As rumours of unrest spread, violent conflicts thicken in Kaduna

By Achadu Gabriel

Many have at various times predicted social unrest in many parts of Nigeria because of the wave of criminallties blowing across the length and width of the country. The same have been said for Kaduna state given the increased spread in the criminal gangs activities especially Kidnapping, attacks and killings of innocent people and properties lost. The most and worst recent one is the rumour making round that there will be violent conflict in the state, release issued by the police.

Infact, a statement from the police authority had it that there is going to be unrest in Kaduna State” as a result of the recent communal clashes in some parts of the state. It reads in parts: “The attention of the Kaduna State Police Command has been drawn to some purported rumours of violent conflict that may ensue in Kaduna State, which originates from anonymous sources. The question is is whether the rumour of the state of unrest really thickens in kaduna State. Or it’s an exaggeration of imagination of people escalated by the security. Whichever ways, the statement released by police during the weeks of attacks and killings in kaduna stressed that “The rumours being in circulation from certain quarters that “there is going to be unrest in Kaduna State” as a result of the recent communal clashes in some parts of the state”.

Police on its usual protocol warned against those behind the rumour of the consequences of their actions when caught. The police deserved to be commended for been proactive in putting measures in place to forstall breakdown of law and other. The same police has perhaps however failed over times, the years to know the conquencies and ripple effect of crimes and criminalities of attacks and killings of people on the daily basis in some parts of the state. The Police statement further stressed that “In view of the foregoing, the Command wishes to warn all rumour mongers and prophets of doom to desist from speculating information that might set peace loving people of Kaduna State against one another, as the Kaduna State Police Command is not relenting in its efforts to foster peace and stability amongst various ethnic groups in the State.

The reality is that if the Nigeria police are allowed or given free hand to do their job, it may do far better. But beyond that, police need to be proactive in in intelligent gathering and forstall attacks and killings before it occurred rather than waiting untill it occurred many of times before taking action. Indeed, the police need support and collaboration from the public to enhance it’s frontier, but this can only be achieved through mutual exclusive relationship seen the the efforts been done the security forces, not in a vacuum.

“Finally, the Kaduna State Command is therefore calling on the general public to make available any piece of information that may constitute threat to life and property to the Police, to enable it tackle any possible breakdown of law and order in the state”, according to the statement signed by
Asp Mohammed Jalige
Police Public Relations Office

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