Nigeria: We’ll explore all Constitutional provisions for peace in S/Kaduna —El Rufai

Nigeria: We’ll explore all Constitutional provisions for peace in S/Kaduna —El Rufai

By Achadu Gabriel

Kaduna- Governor Nasir El Rufai has said that his administration has done everything within its constitutional powers to bring peace in Southern Kaduna and all parts of the state for over five years.

In a welcome address to the high-level security meeting which held at the council chambers of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House on Tuesday, the governor was specific to the peace-building efforts in Southern Kaduna.

‘’We answered the decades old demand for a permanent military base by working with the Federal Government to deploy a forward operating base of the Nigerian Army in Kafanchan.
‘’Our government purchased an estate to provide accommodation for a permanent mobile police squadron in the area. Also, deployed in area are troops from Operation Safe Haven and Nigerian Army Special Forces, complemented by two mobile police squadrons,’’ he added.
The governor however said that in spite of these measures, ‘’ the best guarantee of peace is the willingness of communities to live in peace and harmony, and a resolve to settle differences through exclusively lawful means.’’

El Rufai recalled that his government ‘’established the Kaduna State Peace Commission to engage communities and nudge them towards accord and conciliation as a better alternative to the breaking of bones and the shattering of lives.’’
According to him, the current crisis is as a result of ‘’the tragic aftermath of events of 5 June 2020 when youths from two communities clashed over farmlands in Zangon-Kataf and the upsurge of violence in the same area that started on 11 June 2020.’’
‘’Like an unwanted virus, the violence has spread to and has necessitated extraordinary measures in four local government areas in southern Kaduna,’’ he added.

The governor said that he called the security meeting ‘’ to hear from you the leaders of the security agencies deployed in the area what further measures can be taken to end the agony.

‘’On our part, we continue to support the efforts of the security agencies as best as we can,’’ he added.

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