Nigerian states and land mass

Nigerian states and land mass

The total land mass is 923,768 km²

  1. Niger State 76,363KM²
  2. Borno State 70,898KM²
  3. Taraba State 54,473KM²
  4. Kaduna State 46,053KM²
  5. Bauchi State 45,837KM²
  6. Yobe State 45,502KM²
  7. Zamfara State 39,762KM²
  8. Adamawa State 36,917KM²
  9. Kwara State 36,825KM²
  10. Kebbi State 36,800KM²
  11. Benue State 34,059KM²
  12. Plateau State 30,913KM²
  13. Kogi State 29,833KM²
  14. Oyo State 28,454KM²
  15. Nasarawa State 27,117KM²
  16. Sokoto State 25,973KM²
  17. Katsina State 24,192KM²
  18. Jigawa State 23,154KM²
  19. Cross River State 20,156KM²
  20. Kano State 20,131KM²
  21. Gombe State 18,768KM²
  22. Edo State 17,802KM²
  23. Delta State 17,698KM²
  24. Ogun State 16,762KM²
  25. Ondo State 15,500KM²
  26. Rivers State 11,077KM²
  27. Bayelsa State 10,773KM²
  28. Osun State 9,251KM²
  29. Federal Capital Territory 7,315KM²
  30. Enugu State 7,161KM²
  31. Akwa Ibom State 7,081KM²
  32. Ekiti State 6,353KM²
  33. Abia State 6,320KM²
  34. Ebonyi State 5,670KM²
  35. Imo State 5,530KM²
  36. Anambra State 4,844KM²
  37. Lagos State 3,345KM²

Anambra + Enugu + Abia + Imo + Ebonyi = 29,525KM²

Kogi = 29,833KM²

Ogun + Oyo + Osun + Ondo + Ekiti = 76,320KM²
Lagos = 3,345KM²

Niger alone = 76,363KM²

Niger State = Entire Southwest States – Lagos

*The entire Southeast is a little less than Kogi State only.

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