Nigeria: Assembly of God Church splits after years of unending leadership Crisis

Assembly of God Church splits … after eight years of unending leadership feud … inaugurates steering committee

The Assembly Of God, Northern Nigerian (AGNN) Kaduna region  on Tuesday opted out to stand as an independent entity with the inauguration of a Steering Committee in Kaduna to run the  affairs of the Church. This is coming after eight years of unending leadership feud in the church nationwide.

At the inaugural ceremony, Secretary of  Christian Association of Nigeria , Reverend Sunday Ibrahim spoke on behalf of the Steering Committee in Kaduna which serves as the regional Headquarters of the AGNN.He said ,” The northern council steering committee after series of consultations resolved that all zones come together to inaugurate their interim officials to commence mission work in earnest following the protracted conflict that has engulfed Assemblies of God church leading to series of litigations in many courts in Nigeria.”

Today marks another milestone  in the history of our Region, Northern Nigeria and the nation in general under the Assembly of God Nigeria that we are here to kick start the activities leading to final Northern General Council inauguration in the coming weeks.“All efforts by Christian Association of Nigeria and Christian Pentecostal Fellowship and Pentecostal Fellowship on Nigeria ( CPFN/PFN) yielded no reconciliation in the past Seven years or there about, the body of Christ who is clearly forbidden to go into any form of ligation  was bluntly flaunted which has consequently culminated in factionalized groups.”

AGNN, is a body  registered with Corporate Affairs Commission whose aim is to bring together all Christians from this divide who are conscious of the time we are in,  to put aside all these misunderstanding to forge ahead with the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the undiluted gospel to all, especially with our peculiarity of citizens of Nigeria resident in the north, irrespective of their ethnic affiliation.”

AGNN is saying, with this inauguration that she is no longer going to partake in the sins of those who have refused to forgive each other, taking offerings and other contributions made by the poor to enrich our courts and other agents collaborating with the two bodies refusing to reconcile, one body one Chris one heaven.“AGNN by this action hold no further allegiance to either Assemblies of God church ( AGC) nor to The Assemblies of God (TAG ).“AGNN wish to call on all and sundry, those who are willing to go back to the spirit of our founding fathers of evangelism and missions all that want opt out of this prolonged spiritual drought full of unending litigation to come and let’s bring back Assembly of God church to her former glory.” I thank you as we look forward to seeing you at the national inauguration in a couple of weeks.

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