CAN leader blows hot:..Say’s Govt must arrest boys behind Audio on S/Kaduna killngs

CAN leader blows hot:..Say’s Govt must arrest boys behind Audio on S/Kaduna killngs

..Say’s there’s religious agenda

By Achadu Gabriel

Christian association of Nigeria, CAN, Kaduna State said Government must arrest those behind the viral Audio given credence to the killing of prople in southern Kaduna, alleging religious agenda.

CAN Kaduna State chairman Rev. Joseph Hayab who led the Christian leaders on black Sunday prayers against Killings in southern Kaduna, in kaduna said their is an audio going viral that southern Kaduna people are been killed because they’re “Kafri and Harna, (People without religion).

The audio boys, according to the CAN Leader, said that security should look at the other direction when the southern Kaduna people are being killed, saying if those boys were Christians they would have been in the custody of the police or SSS headquarters long time ago.

CAN Chairman who also reiterated this in an interview, lamented that evil people have hijacked the country and because government is not ready to tackle them, brought certain meaning to the attacks.

“They brought certain meaning into the attack because, if they attack and destroyed and killed Pastors in churches, it would be very clear to read religious meaning into it, even if they attacked someone at the church premises.
“But even the pattern they’re doing it here shows there’s religious agenda: “There is an audio going round, and I said that if our government are being honest, they should go after the man who did the audio.
“The man who did the audio is saying that southern Kaduna people are kafri, Harna, they’ll kill them, Governor el-rufai shouldn’t bother, even if the security men came and see them, they should allow them.

“And I ask question; in Kaduna today, if that boy, that persons are from a Christian family they would have been in police headquarters since, but because they’re not Christians, we’re not hearing anything”, he lamented.
He however said the “killers are enemy of the state, hidden under the religious to kill innocent people and nobody want to tell us the truth, adding that, instead, the government has appointed itself as spokesman of the bandits, the killers.
“The day governnment stop speaking for them and said we’ll come after you if anybody is attack or killed, they’ll runaway and never come back. That’s the day killings will stop”, he said.
He said all the want I to stop the killing and nothing else more than that they wanted.
Rev. Hayab also spoke on alleged threat to his life, saying he deliberately rufused to inform the security because they’re fond of twisting issues affecting his people. End

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