Our farmlands have turned to grazing reserves under curfew- S/Kaduna laments

Our farmlands have turned to grazing reserves under curfew- S/Kaduna laments

..No response from Police – Youth leader
..As natives flee C’tties

By Achadu Gabriel

FARMERS in four Communities in Southern Kaduna Northern Western Nigeria have cried out that Fulani herdsmen have turned their Farmlands to grazing reserves even in the midst of curfew imposed in their Area.

The Communities include Zunuruk Community in Kaura local governnment, Ungwan Wakili, Unguwa Tabo and Abuyab Communities all in Zango Kataf Local government area of Kaduna State have been grazed by Fulanis Cattle.

The Youth leader of Zunuruk Community, Mr Zakaria Swanta told journalists on Tuesday that the herdsmen have grazed and completely distroyed the crops on their Farmlands they suffered and spent a lots of money to cultivated.

Mr. Swanta who disclosed that about 27 Farmers in their Communities have their farmalands completely grazed and destroyed by the Fulanis herdsmen. also stated that police refused to responds to their persistent calls for help.

According him no farmer have access to his farmland, noting that the herdsmen are walking freely with sophisticated weapons in the bush areas were their farmalands are located.

The Youth leader expressed regret and frowned at the curfew imposed on the area, saying the curfew was imposed tactically to allow Fulani Herdsmen have access to their Farmlands.

“We’ve restricted ourselves from going to the farms because we don’t have anything to protect ourselves. We have lost hope and confident on the side of the Government.

“We kept calling security agencies but there was no any positive response even when they promised to come and help us clear them in the bushes.

“Let me tell you, we have no single confident on this government to protect us. It is very strange seeing how our Communities are being sacked, our love ones gruesomely killed and our lands fully occupied”, he said.

He adding, “It is an attempt by the Fulani marauders to forcefully evict us and take over our farmlands,” Swanta fumes.

Another resident in Ungwan Wakili, Daniel Augustine expressed Lamentation over government insensitivity toward cumbing their bushes for the people to have access to their farmslands.

He noted that they have in several occasions called the attention of the security agencies but there was no any cogent effort to ensure the safety of their Farmlands are safe.

He said that most of the farmers in the neigbouring Communities have fled because of the violent attacks meted on them.

Daniel expressed fears and displeasure over the invasion of their farmlands by herdsmen both day and night under the pretext of grazing and aided by the government of the day.

“The government of Kaduna State imposed a 24 hour curfew on us, while the Fulanis are moving freely on our farmlands with Ak47 rifles. We are no longer safe and our Farms we use to settle our Children School fees and take care of other needs has been completely distroyed.

Effort to reach the Council Chairman of Zango Kataf local government and the Sole Administrator of Kaura local government to comment on the issue prove unsuccessful as their “, he maintained.
Contacted, the kaduna state police command spokesman Muhammad Jalige, could not responded until the time filing this reports. Chairmen affected LG communities also shun calls put to them. End.

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