Your Jankara Endorsement Won’t help Ize Iyamu – NRM tells Buhari

Your Jankara Endorsement Won’t help Ize Iyamu – NRM tells Buhari

By Achadu Gabriel

The campaign team of Stevie Ozono, the gubernatorial candidate of the National Rescue Movement, NRM, for Edo election coming up about a month’s time has condemned the endorsement of Pastor Ize-Iyamu by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Spokesman for Ozono media campaign team, Pastor Shedrach Oka has described the action of Buhari as a flagrant and worthless effort that won’t convince the electorates to change their minds for the candidate of the All Progressive Congress.

Pastor Oka explained that Edolites are tired of recycled and expired politicians brought in by failed and about-to-retire politicians like Adams Oshiomole, saying that the citizens of the state would only vote for a trusted and new face like Stevie N. Ozono.

“Anywhere we go, huge number of grass root men, women, youths and children turn in large numbers to see their preffered candidate Mr.Ozono.

” We are also very confident that come September 19, Ozono shall beat both Pastor Ize Iyamu and Godwin Obaseki black and blue with a huge uppercut delivered to them by the voters.

“What President Muhammadu Buhari did yesterday by endorsing Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu amounts to the last kicks of a dying horse ,he added.
He further said, “When the President came to Edo and refused to see the Pastor, he had to be reminded that Ize Iyamu would have been orphaned politically, so the Apc hurriedly packaged Ize-Iyamu and sent him to Abuja for a “jankara” endorsement.

The Pastor also insisted that the President’s action was an afterthought which would not remedy the damage that the APC and the PDP candidates have done to Edo state.

“I would like to remind Mr President and his handlers that the jankara endorsement won’t reverse the damage done to Edo State by his party and the PDP.

” I would advice the President to concentrate on trying his best to feed and protect the nation and providing employment opportunities for millions of Nigerians rendered jobless by his government and not to interfere with Edo election.
He further warned that NRM and the Edo people won’t tolerate any attempt to rig the election.

“Let me warn the PDP and APC that Edo people would rise up against any attempt to subvert the people. End

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