Killings in S/Kaduna: BRAIN calls for white paper for lasting Peace

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna.

The Chairperson of Rahama Barkido initiative (BRAIN), Engineer Dr, Ramatu Abarshi, has joined the well meaning Nigerians in calling for a white paper as a panacea for a lasting peace in Southern Kaduna.

“The Federal Government and Kaduna State Government in particular should live up to their Constitutional Responsibilities of protecting the lives and property of citizens whereever they are residing.

In a press statement she signed on Friday Rahama said it is worrisome, the unending killings in the area as well as some parts of the North.

“The wanton destruction of lives and property across the North, and especially Kaduna State is very disturbing.

“More worrisome is the creeping perception among the people that the government is either unwilling or incapable of ending the spate of killings.

“This perception must not be allowed to deep root. Government must do more to find a quick and lasting solution to the lingering insecurity across the North”, she stated.

According to the statement, “The Kaduna State Government should heed to popular appeal and involve all stakeholders in the search for lasting peace in Southern Kaduna.

It also challenged all stakeholders to rise up to the occasion”, the statement added.

“On the other hand, all stakeholders must embrace tolerance, compromise and also assist government to restore peace and stability, without which no meaningful development could be achieved.”

While urging the governor to add more troops in the area to properly secure the people ,she advocated for dialogue that will produce a white paper to be implemented by the state government as panacea to future peace and security of the area.
“As a Woman from northern Nigeria am also a peace lover of this country ,the incident that are happening here should be a concern to every peace lover in Nigeria. we are more affected when ever any Crisis occurred. End

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