Islamic bodies, Foundation launch pilot scheme for Almajiri children

Islamic bodies, Foundation launch pilot scheme for Almajiri children

IET, Nurul Islam, AMA to comlence vocational training for Almajiri children

By Achadu Gabriel

Kadun- In a joint effort to ensure sustainable solutions in the lives of Almajiri children in Northern Nigeria, an Islamic Education Trust, IET, Nurul Islam and Aminu Musa Abdulsalam, AMA, Foundation have launched the pilot phase of Ajami Vocational Training Program.
This was contained in a statement issued on Sunday and signed by the communications officer of the IET, Mr Suleiman Muhammad Murkthar, in Kaduna state.

The statement stressed that the aim of the project is to “Develop a culturally and religiously sensitive educational program that can rapidly enhance the potential and capacity of Al-Majiri youth for vocational career”.

It added that the program would enhanced their educational resources, strengthening the literacy, numeracy and basic arithmetic level, Improve and enhance their ability to recite properly the Glorious Qur’an and Career guidance and counselling through exposure to diverse vocational guilds.

“This is to enable the students learn how to explore and exploit the opportunities that they have around them to create alternate and better income opportunities.

“The pilot phase of the project would target 50 Al-Majari youths in Minna, Niger state who are between the ages of 15-25. The students would be selected from 9 Al Majari schools and would be taught these skills over the weekends for the next four months”,it stated.

According to the project coordinator, Nasir Jibril, also stated that “it is the hope of the IET, Nurul Islam and AMA Foundation that this can transcend into a movement that can be replicated across the other northern states in Nigeria which will in turn help reduce and curb the Al-Majari menace that has bedeviled the region.
He further added that the coalition intends to scale up the project to target women later in the future in a more culturally appropriate manner. End

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