We have observed, with grave disappointment, the inclusion of Governor Nasir El’rufai as one of the speakers in the 2020 Annual conference of the Nigerian Bar Association.

It is sad that at a time when El’rufai is playing ostrich with the senseless killings in Kaduna, the Bar Association is giving him our collective platform to speak. One can be sure that he will also use the given platform to advance his conflated narrative, designed to deceive and confuse the nation on the real causes of the killings. The Kaduna killings cannot be justified as a reprisal by the Governor, using our platform. Reprisal killing is also a criminal offence. However, this Governor makes it appear like a justified cause.

We are, therefore, calling on the organisers of this conference to immediately remove El’rufai from the list of speakers as not doing so will mean that the NBA is condoning his tactics of wilful maladministration regarding Kaduna South security situation.

However, should the NBA Conference planning Committee and the President of the Bar insist on proceeding with El’rufai as a speaker, we will encourage Nigerian Lawyers to boycott the virtual conference.

Again, when you factor in the politically motivated disappearance of DADIYATA from Kaduna State as a result of his criticism of El’rufai and the draconian persecution of Audu Maikori for speaking truth to power, then you will agree that the conference organisers have taken our platform for granted by even considering El’rufai as a speaker.


Silas Joseph Onu
Open Bar Initiative.

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