Expert says Inadequate knowledge bane of malnutrition

A development specialist and Author of the book ‘Authentic Everyday Recipes for Smart Children’Jayne Whyte has said malnutrition exists in Nigeria communities and households due to inadequate knowledge on adequate nutrient filled meals for every member of the family.

She stated this in a statement made available to media in kaduna North West yesterday.
According to her Malnutrition is widespread in the country, although the scale and scope varies between regions and across urban-rural divide and manifests as undernutrition, over nutrition and micro nutrients deficiencies.
She stressed that ending malnutrition is essential for economic and human development.
“For instance, childhood stunting, an overarching measure of longterm malnutrition has lifelong consequences not just for health, but also for human capital and economic development, prosperity, and equity.

“Stunting in early childhood reduces schooling attainment, decreases adult productivity and wages, and makes children less likely to escape poverty as adults. “The book ‘Authentic Everyday Recipes for Smart Children’ reveals how to make the very best meals for children from 6 months to 6 years. From traditional Nigerian cereals and purees to fun-finger foods, fruits mixes/ juices and soups. “This compilation of more than 40 recipes is an essential mother’s reference guide to introducing complementary foods to her young one.

“The choice of what to cook, the quantity and the time to cook is made easy with recipes grouped by types. Basic ingredients are provided for every recipe, along with cook’s tips and variations to encourage experimentation and improve basic skills.
“There is no doubt that that this book will further help in the preservation and promotion of the Nigerian food culture and ultimately raise a generation of healthier and smarter children.
“ The author, Jayne Whyte is a development specialist, a certified Infant and Young Child Feeding Counsellor, blogger and social entrepreneur.

“She is leading a campaign that focuses on addressing poor nutrition outcomes in Africa by empowering mothers and caregivers to provide nutritious foods for the family, identifying foods with high nutrient value, educate and communicate local nutritious foods so that caregivers and adolescents can make informed choices.

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