Resentments arising from feelings of injustices fuel crisis in S/Kaduna

Resentments arising from feelings of injustices fuel crisis in S/Kaduna

…Where the solution lies

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Three Fulani herdsmen have been reportedly killed in the wake of the continued mayhem in southern Kaduna in Kaduna state, by alleged Atyap natives, signaling the declaration of full blown communal conflicts between the two tribes.

Report from Eyewitness sources said the fulanis were attacked in their settlement, by youth of the natives and killed three including a young lady in cool blooded.
The southern Kaduna indigenes have a long history of complaint of serial attacks and killings against the Fulani herdsmen suspected to be foreign mercenaries over times. But the attackers consistently attributed their actions to revenge and reprisal attacks which was re-eocholed and amplified by the Governor el-rufai led administration.

The Southern Kaduna people’s Union, SOKAPU, President Hon. Jonathan Asake had lamented that over 50 communities displaced and thousands members in IDPs in southern Kaduna as a result of invasions in the communities by alleged Fulani militia.

Every effort made to find lasting solution in ending the attacks and killings by spirited individuals and organizations failed to yield any positive result or stop the mayhem.

The current government’s efforts also seem to have not made much progress as the have been lebelled as accomplish and not impartial in dealing with the situation. In fact, the governor was castigated and demonized as spokesman of the fulani militia for consitently and expressively stated that the attacks and killings were repaisal and revenge missions for the attack and killings previously launched against foreign herders by the Southern Kaduna natives youths.

The governor did not stopped at that “utterances” as described by opposing views, he went further and stated that the perpetrator foreign herders were located and paid compensation to stop the killing, in line with the previous government alleged recommendation.
However, the attacks and killings continue unabated with Fulani been the recent victims of attacks with both side of the warring communities currently in IDPs in tears after attack on each others.
The governoment must still look inward in finding lasting solution to the crises which lies on it table with clean hands and utmost sense of neutrality.
It must also be seeing to centrai and seemingly impartiality now or bears the unpredictable long term consqences of actions in crises degenerating to mini war. End

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