Killings: Kaduna Youths vow to work for peace, unity

Killings: Kaduna Youths vow to work for peace, unity

..To resist being use

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigerian Youth Congress, NYC, Kaduna state chapter, on weekend resolved to employ all available means to work together with government and security agencies to ensure a peaceful coexistence in the kaduna state, especially southern kaduna.

The state chairman of NYC, Comrade Zaharadeen Tafida, who made the assertion after inauguration of state chapter, said the current crises in the state, where innocent lives have been wasted and properties destroyed, is a major setback to peace, unity and development.

He said, “We the youth of this state will do everything we can to mobilise ourselves irrespective of any different to educate and sensitize the people on need to come together and form a common front that will help us face the future squarely.

“We will not continue to allow ourselves to be used by some selfish few to use us to the detriment of the future of the state and the country as a whole.
“We better wake up from slumber and make good use of our conscience to advance a good cource for ourselves and the next generation to come.

“We have had enough of killings and divisions in the state all in the name of religion and ethnic differences that suppose to help us form a formidable force that will our strength for peace, unity and development of ourselves and the state.”, he said

TheYouth Congress, he explained, would serve as an alternative platform for the youth of the country to be able to deliver a good programme for their development.

He enjoined the youth not to allow themselves to be used to destroy their future, urging them to come together as a force to move with integrity, and common goal of uniting themselves for their overall development.

The inauguration of Kaduna state chapter of NYC witnessed the presence of National leaders of the Congress and other important dignitaries who shared their opinions, with delight that the Congress would serve as a viable platform for the youth of the country to unite themselves as well empowered themselves politically, socially and economically to face the future challenges in the country.

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