KADMAM members trains on Malaria budget tracking, step down

.. Uncovers no budget line for malaria in kaduna

By Achadu Gabriel

The Kaduna Maternal Accountability Mechanism, KADMAM, said kaduna state government has no budget line for Malaria, a disease known to be killing alot of peopleb state-wide.
This was confirmed during malaria budget tracking and step down training organized for KADMAM members in kaduna state with support from Ukaid and the support to the national malaria programme, SuNMaP2.

But the representative of ministry health Mrs. Ladiya Danka however stated that kaduna has budget for procurement and had been replying on the war against malaria.
In an interview with newsmen, Mrs Danka also stated that even though there was no budget line, the state had been leverage procurement for prevention, but stressed the need for special code for Malaria activities in the state..

She said malaria is seen as common disease but lamented that it is however killing alot of people and deserved to be given due attention.
According to her, the state has alot of interventions in health sector but that of malaria should be special.

She commended the workshop, adding that it was sensitive and good one for the State because through it, KADMAM could go out and advocated for so.manythings that have been lacking in health, especially that of malaria.
Earlier, the facilitator and resource persons took the participants on the important of the workshop in Upgrading their skill and knowledge in the use of malaria resource and commodity strategy.
The workshop also discussed the feature of national strategy on health Development plans, NSHDP and malaria annual operation plan, among others.

Participants were also taken on SuNMaP2 programme, national malaria elimination programme, NMEP, national Malaria strategic plans, NMSP, and more.
Participants noted that the training would go along way in helping the Kaduna and three other state undergoing training.
KADMAM, state level advocacy, SLAM, conduct evidence based advocacy to governoment to improve service. They also go to the community to hear fro them, analysis budget made by government among others.

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