Crisis rocks Famhzi Coy as MD hires mobile police for protection over Investors threats, harassment

Crisis rocks Famhzi Coy as MD hires mobile police for protection over Investors threats, harassment

..Victim’s pregnant woman slump over shock

.. it’s due to COVID-19 – MD

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An Abuja based informal firm, Famzhi Agro lnvestment Company, where so mnay vulnerable people invested their capitals is currently in serious crises over failure to pay profits and capitals to Investors for months.

A pregnant woman who invested heavily allegedly slumped in the company premises due to shocked, but was later rushed to hospital, according to some eyewitness co -investors who also attributed the incident to hunger.
Millions of capital invested in the company by the vulnerable Nigerians, especially widows and women are already trapped in the Famzhi company located at No.15 Zone B, Madaki Lane in Byazin in kubwa, Abuja.

The Management which blamed their failure on the low business activities during COVID-19 lockdown, has hired Mobile Policemen to protect staffs harassment and threat by aggrieved investors coming to seeks for their money trapped in the company.

Investigation revealed that a man, name withheld, who invested millions in the Famhzi Interbiz company allegedly attampted suicide due to failure of the management to pay his profits and capital invested for a long time.

Eyewitness said the man who attempted suicide and other Investos have transfered their anger on the company’s properties and severly destroyed several of them openly.
Further investigation revealed that several other investors, who invested their capital in the company have been threatening life of the Managing Director one Haj. Maryam and other top management staffs due to mass failure of the company to pay their profits and capital for several months.

Findings also revealed that the company collected millions of money as capital from vulnerable investors through persuasion and promised them fantastic monthly percentage but failed to complied.

Our correpondent who is a star witness and visited the company office reported that tensions had consistently gone high as none of the top management staffs were hardly found to speak to journalists due to threats by angry investors hovering the premises.

However, a female admin staff who gave her name as Mercy confirmed that no management staffs were on seat to attend to visitors and urged journalists to drop their contacts.
A company security officer, name withheld, threatened that any journalists who recorded utterances from angry investors grumbling and shouting around the office premises without permission would arrested.

Indeed, those cought recording under-cover were harrassed and forced to delete them by the company’s private security officer.

Our correpondent also gathered that individuals invested between N50, 000 to N4millions each and even more, in terms of cash they transfered to the company’s Bank Account with Sterling bank for profits purposes and materials.
In the company flier obtained, it stated that Famhzi lnterbzi paid their investors or partners, depending on the duration of their Investments.
“Monthly investments attracts 20% plus your original capital, less than 20% in the fourth months which is retained as registration fees. We also gives investors the benefit of collecting their rewards in livestock”, it stated, among others.

Insider sources said the 20% profits later dropped to 10% between December 2019 and February 2020, even before the COVID-19 lockdown, adding that the company stop payment completely since March hitherto.
The bubble bursted when the promised to be paid their profits from April failed to materialized, to the alter dismay of the investors who could no longer stomach promised and failed by the company tactics.
A woman who introduced herself as widow vent her anger openly to one Malakai, a staff, and was recorded under- cover, threatened to spack surprised when she return back without seen the MD or the HOD, saying she a widow and had invested millions but could not be paid her profit and capital, making her to leave in starvation and hunger.

Contacted, the Byazine nearest Police division confirmed that that they’ve been receiving several reports and notice of threats to the company’s staffs by investors, but said “it’s a civil matter.
An investor who did not want her name mentioned said the company which failed and promised to refund profits and capitals to investors aslo failed to fulfill the promised, and result to collections of bank details every month as delay tactics.

Findings revealed that the sole founder of the company, Haj. Maryam (sure name withheld) is however busy building edifice with the investors money within the areas, provoking more negative reactions. End

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