Shiekh Gumi blames S/Kaduna crisis on nomadic fulanis illiteracy, lack of education

By Achadu Gabriel Kaduna

Kaduna based Islamic leader Shiekh Dr. Ahmad Gumi on Monday kicked against the notion that fulani are naturally hard and unforgivable, saying it was wrong to generalization.

Gumi who made the remarks while fielding questions from newsmen during a monthly forum with media on peace journalism in Kaduna said the nomadic Fulanis are doing so because of their high level illiteracy background in education.
He said “The nomadic fulani are the problem we have. The problems are that they don’t go to schools, no education, unreligions, they don’t pray, they take drugs, so what do you expect. Most of us here are Fulanis.
“They’re always in the bush, no house, no water, no Borehole. Governoment need to assist them with water, Borehole schools, hospitals. Even the nomadic education they established for them is not helping matters”, Gumi lamented.
Earlier, Shiekh Gumi who took the gathering on the history of early Islamic and Christian religion said, slams was full of fight for domination and suppression among Muslims and pergans northerners.
According to him, the southern Kaduna crises could be largely blamed on the nomadic Fulanis due to their illiteracy.

Also in his speech in the meeting convened on instance of Southern Kaduna crises, the Christian counterpart, Arch bishop of kadunia, Most Dr. Mathew ManOso Ndangoso,
said all the parties involved in the conflicts must be neutral.

The bishop who was represendi by Very Rev. father Daniel Kyom stated that Muslims and Christians and government involved must be aware of the danger of single story or narrative.
Kyom demanded to know the kinds of peace desired in southern Kaduna crises, saying sometimes truth could be supressd in search of peace, and made it difficult to produced the lasting peace, adding “and only give a false sense of peace which always short-lived.
He said “single story create stereotypes, and the problem with stereotype is not they’re untrue, they are incomplete. End

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