Hard Drugs Killing Our Youths, Kaduna Community Head Cries Out


KADUNA- The community head of Narayi in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state, Evangelist Sule Garba has called on Non-Governmental  Organizations (NGOs) and relevant government bodies to come and rescue their youths from hard drugs.

The community head made the appeal when he received on a courtesy call the Compassion Team Network (CTN) in his palace.

According to him, “Hard drugs particularly white gin also known as ogogoro is killing our youths, it has been killing them and causing a lot of damages to their lives and community at large.

” unemployment and idleness force some the youths into some of the social vices, I wish to also appeal to  NGOs like yours to help by empowering them with skills.

The community head also called on Kaduna state government to help in the construction of roads for them, stressing that good roads brings development.

“We don’t have good roads in Narayi, I am calling on  the state government to come to our aid,  to please remember us, we are part of Kaduna state” he said.

Speaking earlier, the founder of CTN, Ishaku Bala said that his team is developing vulnerable people, “we are interested in community development because from there you build a city and a nation.

“We belief that our communities are going through alot of stress, that is the reason why our organization provides training structures for community leaders so that they can be able to provide effective leadership in the community”.

Bala urged Kaduna community leaders to also add value to human lives, “as a leader you are not supposed to be bias, I want to call on our leaders to throw away the sentiment of religion, ethnicity and instead provide leadership for all, we need a society that every one can call his own” he emphasised.

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