Visionary Young Nigerian Leaders intiative

Visionary Young Nigerian Leaders intiative

Press Release
5th September, 2020

Good day Gentlemen of the press.
We Youth have Answered the Clarion Call to Rescue Nigeria Come 2023.
We members of Visionary Young Nigerian Leaders Initiative (VYNLI) have watched with keen interest the marginalisation of Nigerian youth in key decision making tables across the country. Much as we are dismayed by this destructive culture of our gerontocrats, we also believe whatever one wants, one has to fight to take it as power is not given on a platter of gold.

We want to state not only our willingness, but our readiness to take over the affairs of the country given that the future of this country belongs to us. We hope to mobilize 100 million youth and women towards achieving this feat. The gerontocrats who are holding this country hostage through destructive policies and loans, mortgaging the future for us the youth because their time on the political stage is fast fading out ought to give way for us to shape the sort of future befitting for us and to those who would come after us.

Our primary aim for power is not to empower ourselves and satisfy our vanities as some youth are notorious for. Our aim for power is to build a sustainable future for us and for those after us. Because those at the helm of affairs have failed us. However we know we can not climb the ladder without the support of the gerontocrats. For this reason, We want to remind them that the future of Nigeria depends largely on their willingness to surrender key decision making bodies to the youth who would remain here long after to suffer for any misstep taken by the present crop of leaders.

A Nigerian Governor said, “If you don’t get involved to change the future now and shape it, we’ll leave behind to you a nation you don’t like.
“You’re 80% of the population, seize the moment, get involved. It won’t be easy, but you don’t have a choice.
…Loving Humanity
In this way, we are calling on all Nigerian youth and women to prepare as we take over the leadership of Nigeria 2023 at all levels.
We are aware of our numerical strength in this country and we are going to mobilize that strength during the elections. The era for the youth and women to sit, lament and do nothing in key political decisions in Nigeria is over.
We urge the youth to remain committed and resolute, as our committee on Research and Strategies keeps us abreast with relevant and required data of political events unfolding in every Local Government Area in the country.

In addition, we honestly appreciate some of our past leaders and other international organization for their willingness to support our collective political aspirations.
With great pleasure, I would love to use this occasion to call on my brother, a fellow visionaire, Mr. Omoyele Sowere to abandon his Movement: #RevolutionNow and join us in #YouthAriseInDemocracyNow, the purest and surest path for us to take our rightful place in the political space of our country. At this time, we need smart young politicians not activists in actualizing this dream. As someone once said, “youth is not an immortality, more than anything youth is the power to make choices”. Thus, we have decided to rise for the best choices come 2023.

We use this occasion to call on the president, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari Rtd. and other relevant authorities to do more in the fight against insecurity, youth unemployment, and for an economic viable society, that will attract foreign investors and sustain our local businesses.
We call on all Nigerians at home and in diaspora to support youth and women as we continue in building the indomitable Nigeria of our dream. We assure you that we will remain passionate and committed to mobilizing all resources within our reach to ensure that our collective dreams as youth become reality.

We shall seize the moment, get involved. It won’t be easy, but we don’t have a choice!
Hon. James Makeri

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