Nobody was born great, we all strive to boom, hold yourself high

By Habu Dawaki

What you think of yourself matter a lot.
If you are not needed in God’s earth, you will not have been born. You don’t have to look like anybody else to matter to your world. Remember, the creator never makes junks.

Hold yourself high. You are richer than what you think you are. Yes, you are different from others; the truth is all of us are different. None of us have the same finger prints. But different does not mean inferior. You may not have the talent of the person next door but you have something valuable to offer your world.

Hold yourself high. Nobody was born great; nobody was born rich or knowledgeable. We are all born to win, to thrive and boom, but you must discover and understand what you carry. Chances are if you develop your talents and make the most of your strong points and work to improve it, you will not have to envy anyone.

Hold yourself high. We are all different and we are not called to do the same thing. Admire others, learn from them but be yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Never be ashamed of who you are.

Hold yourself high. You may not like where you are coming from, you may be feeling uncomfortable with your present situation but that does not mean things cannot change. Examples abound of men and women from worst backgrounds who succeeded against all odds.

Hold yourself high. Never feel unimportant, unworthy, inferior, before others. Remember, no one can win you at all fronts. No one can be taller and shorter or fatter and thinner than you at the same time. Don’t forget, all of us have limits but we can all achieve great heights despite our limitations.

Hold yourself high. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Who else can beat you at being your own self better than you? The world might not have treated you well but don’t treat yourself less. Don’t write yourself off from the winners circle. Remember, the people who achieve greatness are as human as you are.

Hold your head high. Never look down on yourself or no one will ever look up to you. There’s a piece of greatness in everyone. Always look up to the Master of the universe who is ever willing and able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine and to help you bridge the gap between where you are to where you are going to.

Hold yourself high! Raise your bar. Discard the old self. Be courageous and never fainthearted. Only a Lions heart will give you the lions share. Arise to the occasion. Stand upon your watch. The journey ahead is a great one.

Hold your head high. You can be anything, but you can’t be everything. Shoot for the stars. Do you know if you can strive to be 1% better everyday. You will amaze yourself by becoming 3700% better. It’s actually 3778.34%. Don’t make excuses.

Hold Yourself High. Practice gratitude, love, peace, kindness, forgiveness, self improvement, self control, honesty and lots more. Learn to prioritize and have balance.

Hold Your Head High. Just Say YES To Life

Hold Your Head High! There’s greatness in You.
The Rest of Your Life will be the Best of Your Life

Have a Fabulous and Fantastic Day

Habu Dawaki
Motivational Speaker

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