Disintegration: Nigerians should learn lessons from Libya, Iraq, Syria – Dr. Suleiman

..List Buhari achievements

By Udeh Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigerians have been called upon to learn lessons from the unfortunate case of Libya, the disaster of Iraq and the disintegration of Syria,.despite challenges being faced, the Director of Research and Production Ambassador of peace and social welfare, Dr. Ahmad Jibrin Suleiman, has observed.
The Director who made the observation in a press conference in kaduna on Thursday said even though there are challenges, its not enough for disintergration, saying President Muhammadu Buhari is doing a lot in terms of acheivements.
He said there are burning issued of Insecurity largely based on kidnappings but Nigerians should grateful that the current situation would not be compared to the pre 2015 terrors of Boko Haram, as well as Farmer and Herders Conflict of the few years back.

“Food Security, yes, granted that the current Corona and its attendant lockdown has
impacted on our food harvest which force us to allow foreign Maize to boost our poultry feeds. Should we not celebrate this progress in self-sufficiency? Compare this when we were importing all stocks without any consideration”, he stated.

On Fuel Price, Dr Suleiman, noted that there were so much uproar about the hikes in Fuel price, he however reminded Nigerians to think of the bitter experience of fuel queued of the previous administrations.

“Have we pondered over how fuel queue have disappeared on the roads? Have we pondered over the success in modular refineries in Imo, Lagos and other states”, he said.
On Perception of War and Challenges, the researcher also stressed that, “Have we pondered over the fact that most issues are over hyped by oppositions to reverse the 2015 turn around?
“Some of this black taint are so outlandish that you Imagine how can anybody believe it”, lamented, citing the issued of alleged “Jibrin from Sudan story about Mr. President.

“It is therefore based on the above that we call on fellow Nigerians to learn a serious
lesson from the unfortunate case of Libya, disaster of Iraq and disintegration of
“On the other hand, we should learn from china to take advantage of our large
population and diversities and to unify ourselves around common national interest
like Russia is successfully doing.
“The days of complaint and bitterness should be over
like in Rwanda and we should toil the path of Rwanda to usher in an egalitarian
tomorrow”, he stated.

He listed the achievements of Buhari’s administration, to include establishment of
new Ministries, including Police Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in 2020, the Budget Implementation
Cycle being successfully restored to a January-to-December Calendar, with the
signing of the 2020 Appropriation Bill in December 2019.
President Buhari, according to him also signed into law, a Finance Bill, to reform domestic tax laws, introduce tax incentives for
investments in infrastructure and capital markets, and improve the business
“The presidency also asserted that among the many achievements of the
administration is that President Buhari ordered of a forensic audit of the Niger Delta
Development Commission (NDDC).
“Nigeria rising to 15 places on the World Bank Doing Business Index, to 131st position, from 146th, and President Buhari assenting to the Deep Offshore (and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract) Act.

“Also mentioned were Buhari performing the ground-breaking for the University of
Transportation in Daura, an investment by CCECC in Nigeria, Vice President Yemi
Osinbajo performing the ground-breaking for a new Wagon Assembly Plant in Kajola, Ogun State, which will produce rolling stock for Nigeria’s new Rail Lines, and create jobs for thousands of Nigerians
“President Buhari approving the Financial Transparency Policy, mandating publication of Public Financial Information through an Open Treasury Portal and Nigeria commencing the issuance of Visas on Arrival to all persons holding passports of African countries among others.

He also stated that “No fewer than three private Modular Refinery projects have been established. near completion, among others. End

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