Church supports rebuilt mosque with praying materials

Church supports rebuilt mosque with praying materials

By Udeh Gabriel, kaduna

In a determination toward promoting peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance, love and better understanding among different faith based organization in kaduna state north western Nigeria, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life intervention Ministry Sabon Tasha, kaduna-south, Pastor Yohanna Buru, has donated large sets of plastic cattles and praying matts to the chief Imam of a rebuilt mosque burned by fire accident, in Fulani road, Tudun wada, kaduna state,
The Christian cleric was in the mosque along with other Christian scholars from the church ministry to share the plastic cattles and praying matts in order to strengthening relationship between Christian-and-muslims and to commensurate with them over the incident
Pastor Buru said in a remak that they were there seven month ago to commensurate with the chief imam and the Muslim ummah after the fire incident that destroyed the Arabic school and the mosque at the same night.

Pastor Yohanna called on other wealthy muslims ,peace NGO and state Government to equally support the mosque and the Islamic school with other necessary materials, adding that the chief Iman of the mosque is his good friend for a long time,

Buru called on Muslims and Christians to all pray for peace stalibilty in the state,while calling on all scholar to double more effort in praying to God to bring an end to insecurity challenges that is affecting all sector of human development

“We all must remember that we are from same parents (Adam and Eve) and we all worship one God. We must remember that we are one Family under God”.
Rreceiving the materials , sheikh salihu mai –Barota, chief Iman of the mosque expressed happiness over the donation by Pastors Yohanna and his member.

According to him the fire out break destroyed 5 islamic classes and the mosque but Glory be to Allah, they were able to rebuild the mosque and fixed it back to his place.

He said, this is not the fisrt time pastor Yohanna is xisiting him at his mosque to strengthening Muslims-Christians –Clerics-relationship in order to promote peace and unity.

The imam Thank the pastor and his entourage that visited him at the mosque, and called on muslims and Christians youth to be tolerance each others. End

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