More Zazzau Emirate council members may resign – investigation

..As security beefed up in Zaria

BY Udeh Gabriel

Kaduna-As a permanent Zazzau Emirate Council Member, Alhaji Aminu Yakubu Wambai, who tendered his resignation letter shortly after the appointment of Ahmed Nuhu Bamali as Emir’s of Zazzau by the Governor of Kaduna State, Mall. Nasir Ahmed Elrufai on Wednesday, may be not the first and last.
More permanent members of the Emirate council may follow suite, according to investigation conducted by our reporter.

A source close to Emirate council also told our correspondent in confidence that security has consistently been beefed up in Zaria metropolis for fear of unforseen circumstances that may lead to breakdown of law and order.
According to the source, the reason for the resignation of a permanent member of the Zazzau Emirate council was because the person appointed as Emir of Zazzau is not their choice.
The source also revealed that Alh Yakubu Wambai who represented Kaduna north and South, had the boldness to announced his resignation immediately because of his riches as staff of NNPC, adding that many others are warming up to do same soon.

Accordingly, the source stated that some traditional title holders members may remained and would not resigned, but may stay away from any Zazzau Emirate council activities.
It was also gathered that the new Emir is still operating from his personal resident, even as usual jubilation that followed the announcement of appointment of Emir was lacking and absent in Bamali case because of unpopularity.

Recalled that, In a letter addressed to the Secretary, Zazzau Emirate Council, Yakubu Wambai who is the Wakilin Raya Kasar Zazzau, said his action was purely on personal ground and therefore has “nothing to do with any apprehension or fright what so ever.

He expressed pleasure for the opportunity to serve in that capacity for 19 years, having been appointed in the position since Friday 21st June,2001 to date.

Wambai resignation letter read in part “I write to express my gratitude to Allah SWT for making me to be appointed to the position, as well as to say my pleasure for enabling me to serve creditably well to the best of my ability and loyalty for the period of 19 years from Friday 21st June,2001to date.

“I am beset, humbly conscious of my enthusiastic to convey to you my resolve to resign my appointment as the 7th Wakilin Raya Kasar Zazzau,as well as a permanent Zazzau Emirate Council Member representating kaduna north and kaduna south local government areas of Kaduna State, with effect from 7th October,2020.

The letter went further to say “I would like to assure you and the general public that my resignation is purely personal and therefore has nothing to do with any apprehension or fright what so ever.

“It is based on my utmost conviction to step aside palace activities to enable me concentrate on my numerous personal duties.” He concluded.

The letter thanked the emirate for support, understanding and reverence since his appointment.

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