A greedy person is usually discontent, selfish, ungrateful and will never be happy, regardless of what they have, achieve or are given. He/she will constantly want and want and want, and in fact, they will always believe that what you gave to them is not good enough or is of lesser value than what you have. They are eager to plunder, deceive, swindle, lie, cheat, prostitute, manipulate and even kill to get what they want and yet remain in discontent! They cannot be trusted with money. They will never repay you if you loan them money! Instead, they will attack your character when you ask or demand your money back.

You cannot entrust money to such person. The concept of “keep it safe” does not resonate. He/she will eagerly spend money placed under their care and unabashedly defend their ugly actions. In fact, they will, as a defense mechanism, project their guilt onto you; casting dark shadows on your personality.

A discontented person is prone to jealousy. They covet other people’s possessions and secretly wish for evil to befall those people, as if that will bring them real satisfaction. It’s frightening that this spirit of greed usually deteriorates to wickedness.

The truth and your life is your mirror! You take advantage of nice people who don’t deserve your greed! You know who you are!!! If you continue your evil ways, you will have no one in your life who is a worthy person so learn to be content and grateful.


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