Crime: Six-year-old girl defiled and murdered in Kaduna

Inside a populated community called Kurmi Marshi, Kaduna North local government area of Kaduna State, another six-year-old old girl lifeless body suspected to have been defiled and killed has been recovered.

On June 28, while locals were in their houses due to the lockdown orchestrated by COVID-19, early risers had woke up to the gory scene of the corpse of a little girl in a Mosque whose killer(s) is yet to be apprehended up till November 8, when another girl, Aisha Ya’u, was found dead in the same circumstance but this time at a burial ground.

Available details as at the time of filing this report showed that the unfortunate girl returned from Islamiyya on Sunday around 11 am, changed into her playing clothes and went out to play in the neighbourhood until a few hours later when her mother discovered that she was missing.

“The search for the girl began and she was found dead at a burial ground in the area by a farmer with sand all over her body”, a source who spoke in confidence said.

The effort to speak with the mother of the victim, Amaratu Ya’u, failed because she was still in shock if ill fate that befell her daughter as at the time of filing this report.

But, a source close to the family said, Aisha’s mother had raised an alarm of her missing daughter an hour after she couldn’t find her daughter which attracted neighbours who join her in search of the missing girl.

Whereabout of the father was not clear as the time of filing this report.

According to the source, “the search started around midnight and lasted till evening. It was a man who was returning from a farm that discovered Aisha’s lifeless body dumped in the cemetery close to their home and alerted people”.

Reacting, Commissioner, Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, Hafsat Muhammad-Baba, who expressed sadness over the development called on the Commissioner of Police in the State, Muri Umar, to deploy all available resources to apprehend the perpetrators of the heinous crime happening repeatedly in the same community.

“Right thinking Kaduna people are very sad with this unfortunate development. While we are still waiting for the apprehension of criminal elements who did similar thing in the same area during the lockdown, this one happened again. It is unfortunate, to say the least.

“This is coming at a time the current administration action is doing everything doing possible to protect our children in Kaduna state. These criminals are still on rampage but they must be stopped.

“With cruelty like this, our children are not safe any longer because this can happen to any child which is why our security must do their work to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice for the victims.

“I am calling on the Commissioner of Police in Kaduna, CP Muri Umar, to help us get to the bottom of this.

“I know Police have a way of investigating this kind of incident. This is important because the perpetrators of these two sad occurrences are on rampage and must not allow to do the third one”, she said.

Police Spokesman for the Command, ASP Muhammed Jalige, who confirmed the discovery of the corpse of the little girl said, though it was early to attribute the cause of her death to defilement, Police had already gone to a magistrate Court to sign a Corona Form which would enable the hospital to carry out series of examination on the corpse of the girl.

“The Police is trying to get a form called Corona Form signed by a magistrate court. This is a form that will enable the hospital to examine the girl. After the examination, the hospital can then release the corpse to the parents for burial”, he said.

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