UN – Tolerance day: Christian-Muslim scholars calls for religious tolerance to promote, peace, unity

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

As the world celebrate United nation international day for Tolerance 16th November, a Christians Cleric Pastor Yohanna Buru has called for better understanding among different faith- base institutions in the country with a view to strengthening peaceful co-existance among all the religious believers in the country.

Buru make the called during an interview with the press in kaduna while commenting on the importance of the international day for tolerance and how to promote better understanding among different faith base organization in the country in such a way that would help in building a strong nation irrespective of the large number of tribe,breligious, culture and geographical differences.

According to him, No society can really attain its economic and political heights when the ingredients of peace, harmony social development are lacking.

He stressed that, It has therefore become imperative that all nations of the world that aspire to be great must as a matter of necessity toe the path of peace among its people whether multi-religious or multi-ethnic.

Buru said, ,since the beginning of this year – month of December 2020 , his organization has emback on serious advocacies to other Islamic scholars which is aimed at promoting religious tolerance among Christians and Muslims with other traditional believers in the state

He said, “they are going to use the whole month of November through visiting top Islamic scholars and other religious believers in order to spread the message of peace and harmony,and to also draw the attension of Nigerian on the importance of promoting religious tolerance at Home,school, Market,stadium,Car-park and at football view centers

The Christian clerics added that the importance of Religious tolerance in peace building cannot be over emphaises

He then appealed to C.A.N and JNI and other traditional believers to that we are greated by one,and we are one family under-God

While calling on both muslims and Christians to forgive each other on where they hut themserves to peace and unity,he equally urged all Nigerian Non-governmental organization NGOs and Civil society organization that promote peace building in communities ,to extend peace campaign to rural communities and train youth on various skilled aquisation

He called on youth in the village to shun thuggery and drug abuse

Similarly an international interfaith specialist in west africa Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani who is also peace ambassador has called on Nigerians to support the federal Government toward eradicating religious extremism and terrorism activities that is bedeviling peace stability in the country

Ramatu appealed to all scholars across the 36 state of Nigeria to support all NGOs and CSO organization that are promoting peace building and religious tolerance in the country

Additionally ,She emphasized on the importance of creation of institutes of comparatives studies in the country, which according to her will surely increase better understanding, religious tolerance, forgiveness, reduce blaspheming tendencies, and how to live in peace and harmony between Muslims and Christians and other religious believers, in accordance with the teachings of the Holy books, and this will boost the activities of local and international interfaith activities across the 36 states of Nigeria and some part of African countries.

Additionally she said noted that there are more than 6,000 religions in the world, most of which are very different from the literate Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), that many people think of when they hear the word “religion.”

” Nigeria has been facing different forms of religious violence and attacks to holy places by both Muslims and Christians for many years, causing series of set-backs confronting all forms of socio-political, economic and peace stability in the country

Responding, mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa also said there is need to promote tolerance among Nigeria in order to end all forms of attack and hatred

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