CAJ Governing Council to address issues affecting African journalists, industry

By Udeh Gabriel

The Congress of African Journalists (CAJ) has constituted it’s governing council to address issues affecting journalists and their organizations in Africa.

President of CAJ and that of Nigeria Union of journalists were elected as president and vice president of the Governing Council constituted by CAJ at end of it’s first General Meeting and election held on 24th November 2020 in Nigeria.

In a statement issued and made available to journalists on Wednesday, governing Council President elect Mr Alexandre Niyungeko stated that CAJ was set to be an inclusive platform to addressed all issues affecting journalists, media workers and editors in their work in Africa.

The release stated that the CAJ, completed its first General Meeting and elected its Governing Council for a three-year term on 24th November to address issues affecting journalists and their organizations in Africa.

“We extend solidarity to all journalists, media workers, and the respective media organizations in this trying moment. The CAJ is set to
be an inclusive platform to address all issues affecting journalists, media workers, editors, in their work in Africa,” said Alexandre Niyungeko, president of CAJ.
“We call on female journalists particularly to join the Congress and to lead on a number of programs envisaged to address issues related to gender-based violence, sexual and verbal harassment, as well as online abuse. The commitments to fight specific
threats facing female journalists must be reinforced”, it stated.
Other leaders elected the Governing Council are President, Alexandre
Niyungeko (Burundi); Vice-President, Christopher Isiguzo (Nigeria); Secretary, William Oloo (Kenya); Treasurer, Ms. Monique Kacou (Côte
Others elected as members of the Governing Council were
Foster Dongozi (Zimbabwe); Ibrahima Ndiaye (Senegal); Ms. Idda Francis Mushi (Tanzania; Ms. Indira Correia Balde (Guinea Bissau) and Siyabonga Dlamini (Swaziland).
While reserved members are Abdalle Ahmed Mumin (Somalia); Ms. Patsy Athanase (Seychelles); and Emmanuel Chibwana (Malawi), respectively.
The General Meeting, which was hosted by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), received a presentation from the United Nations-Office of the Special Advisor on Africa on the SDG Media Compact.

“The CAJ condemns all attacks on journalists and calls for the release of all journalists out of jail. The CAJ resolves to continue to engage all
Governments, the African Union, and partners to uphold press freedom, the safety of journalists, freedom of expression, and access to information in African”, it stated.

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