Church to FG: Leave us with Covid-19 if you can’t protect us from bandits, Kidnappers, others

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Church leader has said that if federal government cannot protect them and members from armed bandits, kidnappers and armed robbers, it should leave them alone with covid-19 disease.

An Assistance Catholic Priest, Rev. father Juel Usman, made the remarks on Sunday during sermon he delivered at Catholic Archdioces of kaduna, St. Mary’s Catholic Parish church, Unguam Boro, kaduna.

Federal Government, according to the priest, said religious worship centres, churches and mosques, are the breeding places of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“People who suppose to talk, don’t want to talk about it. I’llcontinue to talk. I’ll not stop taking about it”, he said.
He said that the church would rather preferred covid-19, than to died in the hands of bandits, kidnappers and armed robbers ravaging the country.

Earlier, Rev. Usman, the third mass priest, threw the challenge question on the members of the congregation whether they preferred bandits, Kidnappers and armed robbers to covid-19, and got anticipated respond.

He lamented that “Even if we protect ourselves fro’m Covid-19, diseases, there’s no guarantee that we’ll survive bandits, kidnappers and armed robberies attacks and killings.

Rev. Usman who was wearing face mask while through out the church service however urged members to ensure they embarked on personal protective measures against the Covid-19, saying any members without face mask will not be allowed entry into the church next Sunday. While he caution against governoment planned lockdown, the priest appealed to members to complied with all Covid-19 protocols by wearing face mask, wash hands regularly, sanitize and avoid clouded places where necessary.

He also appealed to women to cooperate and avoid anything that would put pressure on their husbands already preoccupied and troubled with many problem during Christmas, while begging children to sheld off Christmas cloths this years.
He lamented the recent invasion of the governoment science secondary School in katsina state and several others, kidnapping students.

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