Joseph Hayab, CAN Chairman Kaduna, receives Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State, Rev. John Joseph Hayab has been awarded Doctorate Degree in Leadership.

The award of degree of Honoris Causa of Doctor Executive Leadership, was conferred on him Wednesday in kaduna by Doxa Institute, kaduna, an affiliate of Conscience University, lsrael/USA.
Speaking to journalists during the award, the Chancellor of the Institute Professor Solomon O. Eleojor said Rev. Hayab was nominated for the award based on his leadership style as chairman of CAN by the spirit of God.
Prof. Eleojoh, in company of Engr, Dr. Yusuf Illiya and other members of the entourage stated that the award was conferred on Rev. Hayab by surprised, adding that his consent was neither sought nor any letter written to him of notification on the award.

He said they’ve been watching him as CAN leader for years, and his intellectual capacity and wisdom, and therefore decided to honoured him with the award of the Institute.

“As Institute, we looked at this qualities very seriously, the kinds of change we see in CAN Kaduna State by him, the leadership position and responsibility, with many people fellowing him, and we felt that he derseve the award as executive leadership and as a unifying centre.
The Chancellor said Doxa institute was established in 2008, twelve years ago, in kaduna state of Nigeria, as Christian higher textiary Institution.
He explained that it was established to promote Christian views or world views world wide, “As against for cosmic and circular humanisms, marxism and ethnicism because we want our children to know the understanding of who God is, the God system of education.

According to them, even though Doxa institute is on the rock of Christ, it’s for all the people of the world and does not restricted to Christians alone.
“We’ve Muslims and Christians too, it serves the purpose of the coming of the world” adding that Doxa means bringing the whole world together.
Also receiving the award with excitement and surprises, the CAN chairman who was full praises to God said he was completely unaware of the award, saying if he was aware, he would have declined.
He however thanked the institution, it’s affiliate bodies, the Chancellor and his entourage for the foursight and recognition for the award.
The chairman baptism church kaduna and several persons who crashed into the award, also appreciated the awardee, saying”if your looking for experience, look for right one. End.

Chancellor and entourage at the conferment of Doctor of Executive Leadership on Kaduna CAN chairman John Hayab, Wednesday in Kaduna

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