Is China going to rule the world in just a few decades?

It is a probability that increases every day. The United States remains by far the world’s leading superpower, but China’s current economic trajectory suggests that the country of Xi Jinping will overtake the United States sooner or later.

The U.S. economy is based on the dominance of the U.S. dollar. However, this domination, which is currently reaching 100 years, will not last forever. The American public debt is exploding, and more and more countries are defiant towards the US dollar.

The weakening of the US dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency could cause the United States to fall from its throne in the future.

With its closed system that induces greater political stability, China can carry out long-term projects aimed at overtaking the United States. Xi Jinping has been confirmed president for life because the Chinese Communist Party knows that it is best able to enable China to achieve its great goal by 2030: to become the world’s first superpower ahead of the United States.

The United States will do everything to prevent this, and that is why we will witness a real cold war between the two countries in the coming decade.

The risk of the conflict degenerating is unfortunately not to be excluded.


I don’t think China wanted to rule the world and they can’t rule the world either. Here are the rational.

China’s game plan is to keep a low profile and contented to be number two. Deng Xiaoping strategy. President Xi Jinping maybe more ambitious but those around him are cautious and wanted him to be on defensive side.

China may give the impression that it’s a superpower but it’s not. US have more firepower than China. US have more allies around China. US has more intercontinental ballistic missiles with multiple warheads. US have more bases or access to allied bases around the world. US has more floating bases or aircraft carriers or called strike groups. Three carriers with supporting vessels submarines, frigates and destroyers that are stationed in the Pacific.

Only a few years ago, many American observers still hoped that China would reconcile itself to a supporting role in the liberal international order or would pose—at most—a challenge to U.S. influence in the Western Pacific. The conventional wisdom was that China would seek an expanded regional role—and a reduced U.S. role—but would defer to the distant future any global ambitions. Now, however, the signs that China is gearing up to contest America’s global leadership are unmistakable, and they are ubiquitous.

China has embarked in naval shipbuilding program, which put more vessels to sea between 2015–2019 than the total number of ships in the German, Indian, Spanish, and British navies combined. China is also bidding to dominate high-tech industries that will determine the future distribution of economic and military power. There is the campaign to control the crucial waterways off China’s coast, as well as reported plans to create a chain of bases and logistical facilities farther afield. There are the systematic efforts to refine methods of converting economic influence into economic coercion throughout the Asia-Pacific and beyond.


China will not rule the world, it will have a significant amount of influence but not rule the world. Chinese culture is rather insular and I doubt the CCP would want the hassle of ruling over a significant amount of non Chinese

China will not want to rule the world. Not the way the US exert its rule to the extend of invading, bombing, sabotaging and interfering and regime changing and other adventurism. Although China does not wish to rule, China and Russia will ensure the world that a rogue nation should no longer bully smaller nations. And China will help to advance the development of countries around the world made poor by the aggressive rogue nations.

I really hope so. Millions of people in the world are suffering in an unspeakable ways: hunger, diaspora, broken lives, refugees, all caused by colonialism, wars, politic interferences, assassination by the US and the Western countries. It seems that the Belt and Roads of China might bring some prosperity to smaller country, although I have my big doubts.
Chinese people for the most part doesn’t give what rounded eye people want to do unless it affects China.

On the contrary, a stronger China is a responsible China. Together with Russia, they are the protector of the world against the 5-Blindeyes, led by the US.
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Could Australia punish China by temporarily cutting off iron ore exports which the Chinese couldn’t live without? And then use iron ore as the key leverage to compel the Chinese to both apologize and open up their market again?
Yes. The Spectator Australia used this cartoon on the cover of the 12th December, maganzine I think. Somehow, insulting a country is acceptable or even encourageable. I can still remember the angry Aussies condemning China for insulting them with a cartoon, (edit) eventhough that cartoon was created
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How did Erdogan beat Russia in its own game in Karabakh?
You mean how did Putin get his troops into the area, and locked a conflict forever? That war had nothing to do with Russia. The fight was between two children that do not want to behave. One was cosy with Turkey, the other cosy with France and NATO. Then one Idiot shot a Russian helicopter over Armenia

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