Insecurity in Nigeria: Group restates  confidence in  Buhari on security

Insecurity in Nigeria: Group restates  confidence in  Buhari on security

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By Chris Odinaka Nwedo

*Says  deviant Fulani  doesn’t have the president’s blessings

 *Tasks security agencies to be more brutal with criminals 

 *Praises Miyeti Allah over hard knock on members involved in criminality

 *Appeals to Fulani leadership to commence community advocacy for their youths

  *Asks Buhari to rejig security architecture.

A Fulani professional organisation under the aegis of Coalition of Fulbe Professionals, COFUP,has come hard on kinsmen indulging in actions fueling insecurity in the country,asking them to immediately stop these acts.

The group which is a registered association of concerned Fulani professionals came together to chat a new roadmap for peace and security of Fulani people in Nigeria, decried activities of some of their tribe men in the country as according to it, the development had portrayed the Fulani race in bad light.

It,however, exonerated President Muhammadu Buhari from the actions of the people it described as misguided elements, telling Nigerians to note that they don’t have the blessings of the president impliedly or expressly.

The Coalition of Fulbe Professionals, in a statement by its National Coordinator,Dr Muhammed Modibo,charged the leadership of the Fulani nation to immediately commence community based advocacy on kinsmen with a view to emplacing new ways of living in them.

It,however,passed a vote of confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration even as it admonished him to immediately look into the yearnings of Nigerians for a new and sound security architecture.

The first step the president can take in this regard,according to the group, is to rejig the entire security architecture in the country in line with the position of majority of Nigerians who have voiced out their feelings following the worsening insecurity in the country at the moment.

According to the group, “It became very expedient to issue this press release at this critical time of our national life due  to the high level of insecurity  in the country under the leadership of our great son, President Muhammadu Buhari, who we still have total confidence in.”


“However, we are constrained to speak out this time around because we can no longer keep quiet. As a matter of fact, silence against insecurity in Nigeria today will mean conspiracy and evil.

“This is why we wholeheartedly condemn the insecurity in the country particularly in the North and the direct involvement of our sons in criminal activities. This  is sad, sickening and should be condemned by all well meaning sons and daughters of Fulani extraction in the country,” it said.                             

 The group said:” It is obvious that some of our youths have lost their moral and spiritual sense and there is a need for an urgent action by all Fulbe across the globe. It is so sad that almost every crime of armed robbery,Kidnaping, rape,  cattle rustling, murder in Nigeria today is allegedly committed by Fulani. Investigation by security agencies have often times proven this to be true. “

“This is not good for our reputation as Fulbe especially now that our son is the president and Commander-In- Chief of the Armed Force.

“We naturally ought to be more peaceful and orderly than ever, but the reverse is the case.  

“Anywhere there are criminal activities today in 

Nigeria, Fulani must be mentioned. This is not acceptable and we the elite must urgently rise to condemn this act of some of our misguided youths.    

“We must begin to expose them to security agencies without delay, our cultural organization must begin a house to house, hamlet to hamlet advocacy to sensitize our youths on the dangers of crime and criminality,” it added.

The statement read further: “We praise the National President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, for taking the bold step to openly chastise our people at the recent inauguration of the North West chapter of the association in Jigawa, where he publicly told our people to stay out of crimes, this is the right step to take.       

“We must be bold to speak out to some of these our misguided youths to stay out of crimes before they set the whole world against us. 

“As it stands today, anywhere in Nigeria where a Fulani name  is mentioned, the people around receive it with mixed feelings. This is not right. 

“We must come together and chat a new roadmap for a peaceful and crime-free Fulbe. 

“We are calling on all the well meaning Fulanis across Nigeria to commence a community based advocacy on their followers.

Nigeria overwhelmed by insecurity

” We pass vote of confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration. However, we appeal to him to rejig his security architecture as demanded by majority of Nigerians.

” We charge security agencies to deal decisively with any criminal found wanting irrespective of wherever he comes from.

No Fulani criminal has the backing of Mr President. 

“Whenever these deviants from our community are caught, they should be dealt with ruthlessly.”

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