Exposed! Why NB Plc Kaduna in severe product shortage – investigation

..It’s due to high demands -Insider

By Achadu Gabriel Kaduna

Nigerian brewery (NB) Plc Kaduna plants is running shortage of products following alleged State government’s instruction to stop production due to surge of second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in the state, investigation has revealed.

Distributors and dealers of the company products have however resorted to massive importation of beers from outside Kaduna state especially Aba, Imo state of the Eastern part of Nigeria, to urguement the severe shortfalls iarose as a result of the state govenment directive.

But an insider source said the shortage of the beers, being experienced currently across northern zone, shortly before Christmas was due to consumers high demand towards festive period.

The source who pleaded anonymity also said that the problem may lasted for another two weeks before the situation improved.

A dealer however told our reporter in confidence that the major problem iwas production reduction due to instructions given the brewery, adding that something is being done to reversed the situation which has already led to hike in price of some beers in the state.

Recalled that NB products distribution, operations and consumption has been facing severe attacks in most parts of the northern states in recent times especially Kano, Zaria in Kaduna states among others.

Contacted the spokdman of the company Mr Danjuma E. could not respond, uptil the time of filling this reports. End

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