Demolished Kaduna “Sex Party hotel” owners decry injustice, threatens court action

Demolished Kaduna “Sex Party hotel” owners decry injustice, threatens court action

.. Say’s it’s a restaurant, VIP

By Achadu Gabriel

Kaduna state Governor Mallam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai has landed the state in trouble for mistakenly demolished Asher Kings and Queens restaurant and bar, for sex party hotel. The owner said is going to drag the Governor to Court.

The restaurant belonging Mrs. Aishetu Mercy Yakubu, the wife of the spokesman of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kaduna state.

The restaurant, located off Court road, Sabon Tasha by Kachia road in kaduna was demolished to rubble by Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA).

Eyewitness said KASUPDA storms the area in company of two trucks loaded with police, on Thursday around 11am, to executed the order of the State.
Spokesman of Kaduna State Police Command Muhammad jalige, his counterpart in KASUPDA could not respond when contacted, respectively.

The owner of the restaurant and VIP, Mrs Yakubu who spokes to our reporter at the scene of incident in tears however said that, the over 7yeats restaurant was registered with CAC, and showed an evidence of registration.

But KASUPDA stated in a social media report that the hotel was advertised in a social Media platform of planning to organized sex party event.

“Youths had advertised the event on social media platforms, revealing that the sex party was scheduled to hold on December 27, 2020 at an undisclosed location in the state capital.

Mrs Aishetu Yakubu who spoke to us side by side with her husband, said she left the building few minutes to bump water in the house when the incident occurred without any prior noticed,
A social media reported that “The. KASUPDA demolished Asher Hotel in Barnawa area of the state over alleged plans to organized sex party, a development Aishatu described as totally false.

Mrs. Yakubu said they will surely to take legal action against government over the demolition without notice as none of their properties was removed from the restaurant.

Earlier, Kaduna State Police Command stated that it had paraded some youths who were allegedly behind the aborted maiden edition of a sex party in the hotel.
Earlier,bit was gathered that organizer advertised the event on social media platforms, revealing that the sex party was scheduled to hold on December 27, 2020 at an undisclosed location in the state capital.

The restaurant owner said they’re paid N500,000 annually as rent fees for the building to the landlord.
She also said she paid police some money to tracks the social media poster boy who later arrested but said it was a prank joke, adding that he has never been or knows the restaurant.

According to her, three of her staff who were first arrested on the allegation of sex party were bailed on December 28th but were again rearrested, and were in police CID on Thursday 31st when the demolition took place.

She also said the staffs we’re interrogated, made to seat on bare floor and forced to agreed and cooperated with the police.

One thought on “Demolished Kaduna “Sex Party hotel” owners decry injustice, threatens court action

    Nigerians should remember that Kaduna State is one of the 12 States that have violated Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution by adopting one religion as official State Religion. Those States have therefore technically pulled out of Nigeria and repudiated the Nigerian 1999 Constitution. To prove this, Kaduna State is now being ruled by other laws that do not investigate or charge offenders of some of their newly adopted laws to court, but they simply execute justice, their style. An open sex advertorial of any kind is punishable by property demolition. In the same Kaduna State, their is a law that has annulled indigenousness – they call it the The Kaduna State Residency and Citizenship Act of 2018. There are no more indigenous persons in the State but only ‘citizens’. Two years continuous residence in the State with proof, like rent receipts, qualifies one to apply for ‘Citizenship’ status. A First Class traditional (tribal indigenous) ruler was kidnapped and murdered over a year ago and there has been no replacement since then because of this new laws. On the other hand, the Emir of Zazzau died and he was replaced within a month because only Emirates and Emirs are now recognised. Kaduna State territory is now Sharia territory. Nigeria ceased to be one country in the 2000s when 12 States adopted Sharia as official State religion. Nin-cimpliantcitizens have aatrted paying jizzya (permission tax) to access their farms or marry (See new Ministry if Interior Marriage Regulations). The rest of us have been foolishly clinging to the already repudiated military imposed 1999 Constitution. Two groups have therfore written the NASS and President Buhari, asking them to set in motion the machinery for the writing of a new Constitution within 90 days, by one of the group’s, and 180 days, by the other. The Senator Mantu-led Eminent Elders’ Forum (EEF) and it’s 342 members dated their demand for a replacement of the 1999 Constitution with the 1963 Constitution, 14th December 2020. The Prof. Banji Akintoye-led Nigerian Indegenous Nationalities Initiative for Self-determination (NINAS) dated their Constitutional Force Majeure, 16th December 2020. Nigerians, wake up. Your country may be existing on paper only. The simplest thing would be to restructure into a confederation of Regions, each with it’s Constitution, while the federation writes a new Constitution so that Sharia territories can exist as semi-independent Regions and demolish all anti-sharia sex buildings in their domain, while other Nigerians can have whatever they too desire to have in their domains. Adopting the 1963 Constitution with amendments is another quick solution. If none of the above two escape routes is taken, then expect Nigeria take the painful path of Yugoslavia.


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