NNPC Recruitment: Come Clean, Be Transparent and Conclude the Exercise, Com Samson Zuberu Charges Mele Kyari and President Buhari.

NNPC Recruitment: Come Clean, Be Transparent and Conclude the Exercise, Com Samson Zuberu Charges Mele Kyari and President Buhari.

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The General Managing Director, GMD ,Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mele Kyari has been urged to be very transparent, honest and to expedite action in addressing the issue of Experience Hired Candidates.

An activist, Comrade Samson made the charge in an open letter to President Buhari and the NNPC GMD.

Comrade Samson noted that:

“There have been some rumblings by the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) over the status of the Experience Hire candidates, who were interviewed for employment on the 10th of July, 2019. 

He further explained that as the result of procrastination by the Mele led NNPC management, those that applied for the post of Experience Hired Candidates; 

” are disturbed by the deliberate delay and silence in getting informed correspondence from the NNPC as to what has become of that exercise. 

He also explained that the Experience Hired Candidates are more worried by the facts that their graduate counterparts have resumed,while they have not been communicated with by the Mele led NNPC management.

“Moreso, when their Graduate Trainees counterparts interviewed at the same time have been employed by the Corporation some months back.

” These unfortunate Experience Hire applicants who went through the due processes have been subjected to undue stress by NNPC through its outright neglect of their plight. This is because the organization has stopped further communication to the candidates on their status. Unfortunately, the Year 2020 ended on this sad note till date. 

It is unfortunate that the exercise which started on a clean slate when late Maikanti Baru was the Group Managing Director has virtually turned for the worse immediately Mallam Mele Kyari took over, even though he was a prominent member of the committee that screened and interviewed the candidates.

Samson explained that under the late Kanti Baru, the NNPC conducted an open, transparent and credible interviev for all the candidates and the process was ongoing till Alhaji Mele took over and stalled the process .

He therefore charged Mele to listen to the plethora of voices asking him to restart the process and see it to a logical conclusion.

“There have been appeals by well- meaning Nigerians, including media advertorials and Open Letters to Mallam Mele Kyari, to hearken to the voice of reason and complete the exercise. So far, these well intended appeals have fell on deaf ears of the GMD.

Comrade Samson also hampered on a clean and transparent process,

There are other concerned Nigerians, including Civil Society Organisations, applicants and several others who have used every means of persuasions to get Kyari to toe the path of honour as an astute administrator that he claims to be and complete the exercise. 

He further added that  the GMD prove his naysayers wrong by doing the needful releasing the result of the exams;

” Let Mallam Mele Kyari exonerate himself and prove his adversaries wrong by releasing the results of the  Experienced Hire interview conducted about two years ago. This will ease tensions and correct certain feelings that there might be dealings under the table in regard to this issue.

“We have had enough of this rat- race approach by Kyari. His response to inquiries on the matter is like an insult on the intelligence of the rest of us.