COVID-19: Beer scarcity hits kaduna as drinking joints shutdown

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..Task force invades beer parlour, DPO in free drinks scam

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Virtually, all beer parlours and drinking joints located within Kaduna metropolis and environs have been shutdown for over a week in a bide to enforce partial lockdown in the state due to second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials claiming to be members of taskforce have continuously invaded some drinking joints, clamping down on the owners and beating customers in enforcing compliance.

Owners of the affected joints which includes mainly Future View, Halima junction, Mummy’s Villa, refinary junctions among others in Romi, television and Sabon Tasha area of kaduna South, have respectively decried high handedness of the taskforce.

Victims also lamented taken undue advantage of the situation by some police officers including DPOs who sneaked into corner beer parlours and drinks without paying anything.

In addition, l beer customers also complaint of the steady rise in prices of the alcoholic beer product, apparently due to partial restrictions placed on sales and distribution of the product, allegedly being imported from outside Kaduna currently.

Efforts made to verify from officials of Nigerian brewery Plc failed due to bottleneck, an insider however confided that the brewery ran short of the products on or before Christmas due to high demand for beer, led to its scarcity.

The question being asked however is whether alcoholic based sanitizer for COVID-19 is a ploy and does not applied to alcoholic drinks such as the beer and other related products.

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