Over 35 Churches takes part in 2021 Kaduna universal week of prayers

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..Centres on peace, unity, insecurity, Corrupt leaders

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Church members from over 35 different denominations including their leaders, have commited 2021 New year into the hands of God in prayers during the one week congregational prayers that took place at St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral kaduna. .

The Sunday prayer session marked the ends of the week long activities of the Universal Week of Prayers program corganized by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) principal auxiliary, kaduna central.

Prayers which took place in many churches premises across the zone, centered mainly on the new year, blessing, Christians unity, insecurities especially Boko Haram, bandits, kidnapping, abduction, raping, corruption, bad leaders and other criminalities.
Speaking to our correspondent, Assistance Cathedral Administrator St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral, kaduna, Rev. Father Michael C. Ugwu, said success of organizing members from different churche denominations for prayers is an indication of strong unity of the Christians, as stated in the Book of John, adding that in unity the power become more stronger.

Also speaking, the CAN Chairman, CAN Kaduna Central Charles Smith, said the high turnout of members, despite the challenges of insecurity and COVID-19, indicated that the 2021 program was far better than the previous ones and a sign of strong unity among Christians and christiandoomed in the zone.

Also in an interview, a committee member, Comfort Bosede. F, said the core essence of the program is to commit (2021) every new year into the Lord through prayers for protection, security, quoting the Book of Marks and every early morning Prayers.

While expresseed happinenss with the turnout, she however stressed that it was far less than expected due COVID-19, second wave and challenges.

Earlier, the organising committee Chairman Pastor Adeyemi A. Issac and Secretary John Haruna declared that out of over 50 registered for the program a total of 35 churches participted with 1st Baptism church winning the Cup of award of honour for the overall numbers of participation, followed by COCIN Church and St. Michael Catholic Cathedral Kaduna central.
The theme of the 2021 is. “Abide in my love and you Shall Bear more fruit;; John 15 vs 5-9”. End.

Cross section of leaders, members at CAN, BSN’s universal week of prayers and cup of award presentation in Kaduna central.

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