Fulani Leaders sharply disagree over owners of Nigeria

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By Achadu Gabriel

There’ seems to be a seeming controversies as Fulani leader, Sariki Fulani and Chairman BoT People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Senator Dr. walid Jibrin has broke the silence, saying he disagree with the school of thought that all Nigeria lands belongs to fulanis. This is against the decade popular motion that fulanis are the owners of Nigeria territory by some fulani leaders..

Senator Walid Jibrin who disclosed this in statement he personally issued, signed and made available to our correspondent on Tuesday night however called on Ondo state Governor to reverse the vacation notice to fulanis and allowed the elders to settle the matter.
Sen Jibrin however called on all Nigerians especially Governors of Ondo, Oyo, Citizens of the 2 States and all security out fits in the affected states and all Fulanis to embrace dialogue and reconciliation in solving their disagreement.
“Iam calling on all Nigerians especially Governors of Ondo,Oyo,Citizens of the 2 States,all security out fits in the affected states and all Fulanis to adopt necessary Reconciliations and rely on effective dialogue in solving all misunderstandings going own among the states and Fulanis living in the states.
“Yorubas, Igbos, Ijaws and Fulanis must live peacefully for ever. I do not surport any one who says that All lands in Nigeria belong to Fulanis . All lands belong to every state.

“I surport all Governors trying to solve these problems between Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers in every state . The order given to All Fulanis residing In Ondo to evacuate from the state immediately should be reversed and allow the Elders and Governors forum to handle this matter peacefully and amicably.

“As a prominent Fulani leader myself and responsible Elder statesman Iam making all efforts to invite all Fulani Associations to come together for a truce that will solve this matter without any fight or war.

“We have been living peacefully in Nigeria since after the Biafran War May I congratulate all our state Governors for their efforts in handling the Fulani Herdsmen issues hoping that the problems will soon come to pass. Iam sincerely yours Senator Dr walid Jibrin Sarkin Fulani Pdp BoT Chairman”, he stated.

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