Covid 19 : Ndagoso Urges FG To Make Vaccines Available For Common Man

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The Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna Most Reverend Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso has urged the Federal Government to make Covid-19 vaccines available for everybody particularly the poor when it becomes available.

The Archbishop gave the charge during his homily at the memorial mass of late Archbishop Emeritus Peter Yariyock Jatau at St. Paul’s Catholic parish Marsa 1 Kafanchan Kaduna.

“Vaccine nationalism, a situation where rich nations buy and hoard available vaccines for their citizens leaving poorer nations with very little for their citizens. It is our sincere hope that when the vaccines eventually become available in our country, they will not be only for a privileged few to the detriment of the poor and needy”.

Ndagoso reiterated that government should make it available for the good of all. “They should be available and affordable”.

He said that “Southern Kaduna cannot afford to continue to live in a state of perpetual victimhood and lamentations. The zone should and must begin to turn the searchlight inward for solutions to the problems confronting it”.

Archbishop also advised that, Southern Kaduna has to turn its attention to the
available local resources both human and material to address its nagging problems.

He also reiterated that Southern Kaduna has 139 Professors in Academia, ” I dare to say without any fear of contradiction that Southern Kaduna has a super abundance of both human and material resources.

“With these very rich human resources added to the material ones on ground, perpetual lamentations cannot continue to be our lot. We must wake up and harness these resources for the common good.

“There are people in Southern Kaduna whom God has so blessed, that using their blessings they can lift many people out of poverty that is the lot of our people”.

In this vein, I wish to commend and congratulate Mr. Anthony
Hassan, the proprietor of Nok University, the first of its kind in Southern Kaduna. I hope that he has set the pace for all those blessed from this part of our state to follow suit”.