12 sitting Governors to Join PRP – Falalu Bello

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…Say’s money, position, Gov is not his interest

By Achadu Gabriel, kaduna

The National interim Chairman of People’s Redemption Party (PRP) Alhaji Falalu Bello has reiterated that he’s in PRP not to look for money and position but to build the party for young people to thrives politically.

Alhaji Bello who disclosed this while exchanging views with our correspondent said he’s already bigger than looking for positions like commissioner and even Governor, and has no interest in becoming President.

He also said the 12 governors wanted to join the party but were yet to be given the green light fearing that they may hijacked the Party and destroyed the ideology.

While disclosing that PRP party convention has already been scheduled for August this year, Falalu Bello also said he has no interest in national chairman of the party..
His words ” My main interest is not how to make money or get position but to build the party and make it strong.for people win election under it to correct the country’s imbalance.

He also said “, I’m mot interested in commissioner or governor because I’m more than that now. The President that I can do, I’m not interested.
Bello who declined comemt on allegations levelled on him by his party members home and National level said he’s beyond petty party politcs and baseless comments by few groups of persons in the name of partsi members complaint.

He said the reason for being in PRP is to build it and ensure that the young people have a stronger platform to canvassed elections and win to correct the ills in the country. “A credible platform with ideology for elections that will change the country’s age long misfortune.
You know the ideology of PRP our party. I’ll make sure we rebuild the party and country. So I’ll stabilize party and handover to whoever wins the Chairmanship”, he said.

Bello said PRP website has already been created for registration with the party by people from anywhere they resided irrespective of tribes and religion.
Bello expressed dismay over conduct of the two major political parties in the country, saying many have lost faith in them due to corruption and poor governance.

He revealed that his problem with PRP is because he refused to be controlled from doing the right things and insisted on doing what’s he deemed good for and good the party even without their support, sighting party officers.

According to him, 12 sitting Governors (Name withheld) strived hard to join PRP but were slowdown because of fear of tempering with the party standing ideology and from being hijacked.